Life, like a Kaleidoscope, is constantly changing. Every twist and turn creating a new and beautiful design to be enjoyed.

The twists and turns of transitions in life can present unique challenges and feelings of discomfort and uneasiness. But change can also create beautiful new opportunities for us to enjoy.

Karen Jones, Founder

Karen Jones, Founder

Change is difficult. It can also be exciting, scary, uncomfortable and a lot of work. Which is why people often stay stuck in situations that no longer make them happy.

Some fear the unknown, but for most, it is the work involved in making a change that is intimidating.  In this instance, a coach or mentor can guide you to move forward.

The four-step Kaleidoscope Focus Process provides guidance and support to women in their mid years to enjoy the journey as you work through the steps of change.

The proven KScope Focus system combines four key components of focus to help design the life of your dreams.

Using the KScope Focus system, you will be able to:
  • Acknowledge what you love about yourself
  • Identify what you value
  • Determine what is holding you back
  • Set long and short term goals
  • Establish a plan to move forward
  • Achieve renewed focus in your life