2019 is the year to Rediscover You!

Are you feeling 2019 isn’t so different from 2018?  Many in the energy field and medical profession have mentioned 2019 is a new healing zone period.  The 2019 vibrational energy is higher than in previous years which means it’s light and loving energy.  You’ll see more compassion and kindness and that is certainly welcomed, even if you haven’t seen much so far this year.

So what’s so different about 2019. . .

Each year begins with resolutions or changes you want to make.  More importantly, whether you state resolutions or not, you have to make your own major energy shift toward the actions you want for a different result.  Starting with visualizations and vision boards are the best way to start new energy in motion for life changes.

There are four important questions to ask yourself so you can follow through with capturing 2019 visualization and vision board.

Have you asked:

  1. What happened in 2018 that didn’t go as planned and how to create a better 2019 with what you desire? Did you stand on the sidelines and go with the flow last year rather than boldly declare this is what you want in the next three or six months?  What will you declare this year?
  2. Have you decided to change your habits and behaviors to welcome new people, adventures, or events into your life different from the past? Are you willing to break your own records to achieve more?
  3. Will you announce a never before attempted goal because you want to break away in a new direction? Is this a milestone birthday or year of your career? What progress did you make last year that challenged you as learning lessons for 2019?  Announce that 2018 was your stepping stone year to upgrade what you desire this year.
  4. What new knowledge or wisdom has matured so you can reach for the stars that blocked you last year? Was there a new relationship or event that changed your life?  What are the strengths to build upon?

Using these questions as check-in and level up process, you can see how to set new goals, and establish new habits for yourself.  Acknowledge where you came from to set the direction you want to go and measure the goal.

By acknowledging the progress you made last year in any of the critical areas of your life, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or intellectually, you can decide what’s next.  Is there something different you want this year? Better health or wellness?  More spiritually connected to yourself or your higher self?  Wanting to learn a new skill, language or process for your career?  Be a better person overall or change something about yourself? A more connected relationship?

There is only one motivation to change.  YOU!  Yes, it comes from within.  Regardless of how much anyone else wants you to change, you are the only one that can choose to make the change.  It is the same when you want to hear words of endearment or acknowledgment from others.  You have to say those words to yourself.  You will love yourself much more than anyone else ever can.  You have this capability and your own love expands when you do.  It has a dual effect.

Look in the mirror and look into your own eyes.  Say the words to yourself you want to hear.  You’ll feel the love you see in your own eyes.  The words will resonate and connect deeply within your body.  Wanting a stronger connection in 2019 starts with loving who you are.  Love everything about you, what you accomplished last year, and start 2019 with setting intentions to love yourself even more deeply.  Your 2019 will, in fact, be grander than 2018 or your wildest dreams.  It starts with YOU!

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