Sharing My Journey With You…

Karen Jones has over 25 years experience as a Human Resources Business Partner, supporting executives and professionals in corporate careers.

Karen found herself in a new stage of life after she became a single professional and empty nester. Karen identified what she wanted in her life and recreated the awesome community for other women. She opened Kaleidoscope Focus, LLC, a company that facilitates mentoring professional women who want more fulfilling experiences with joy and celebration in their lives.

Karen’s, four-step proprietary system, helps women learn how to change their habits and behaviors to embrace change to enjoy life more. This system, which incorporates Personal Motivation, Communication & Relationships, Mindfulness, and Healthy Lifestyle has become the cornerstone of her coaching practice.

Together we can change a community and ourselves to feel energized, expand our personal connections, and step into a new life of personal transformation. Your personal empowerment provides the platform to become the woman you choose. This is the power of loving your ever-changing life.

For information on working with Karen, or on one of her workshops, call (480) 800-9155 or email karen@kscopefocus.com.

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