Sharing My Journey With You…

Karen Jones has over 25 years experience as a Human Resources Business Partner, supporting executives and professionals in corporate careers.

Karen found herself in a new stage of life after she transitioned in her career and personal life becoming an empty nester.  She identified with her career and level of success rather than the connections and relationships that were critical in her life. Karen identified what she wanted in her life and recreated the awesome community for other women. She opened Kaleidoscope Focus, LLC, a company that facilitates mentoring women who want fulfilling lives with new focus on experiences and connections.

Karen’s, four-step proprietary system, helps women learn how to change their habits and behaviors to embrace change to enjoy life more. This system, which incorporates Personal Motivation, Communication & Relationships, Mindfulness, and Healthy Lifestyle has become the cornerstone of her coaching practice.

Together we have a community to feel energized, expand our personal connections, and step into a new life filled with positivity and transformation. Your personal empowerment provides the platform to become who you choose. This is the power of loving your ever-changing life.

For information on working with Karen, or on one of her workshops, call (203) 318-4266 or email karen@kscopefocus.com.

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