Are you showing your colors today? It’s Flag Day! Three Tips To Living A Blue Life.

Three Tips to Live a Blue Life

No one wants to be in the red, and wouldn’t you rather be in the blue, yes a blue life!  There are two things that contribute to your success. Being in the right place at the right time and having the confidence to handle whatever comes your way is definitely being in the blue!  Yet, contrary to your success, there are a few factors to master, so you can always be in the Blue.

Yes, I’m talking about blue elixirs.  How much do they cost? Hopefully, when they taste good you’ll consume and if they don’t, you’ll take it anyway.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the places around the globe where both men and women live to be centenarians, not just aging seniors but vibrant active centenarians.  They live in international communities where the local services provided are all you need to live a rich blue life. These are Blue Zones, which author and researcher, Dan Buettner looked for the common lifestyle links around the globe and identified locations described as longevity hotspots.  They are in Okinawa, Japan; Icaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; and Nicoya, Costa Rica.   Are you noticing a pattern here?

Dan also identified a few hotspots in the U.S., although they may not be weather hotspots you’re drawn toward.  Longevity hotspots are in a number of the beach communities in California, namely Loma Linda; Albert Lea, Minnesota; Spencer, Iowa; and Fort Worth, Texas. What do all these places have in common? I’ve lived in Albert Lea, Minnesota and can attest that it was a county seat community in southern Minnesota.  The community had events that pulled the entire county population together. It was a hub of community activities.

The factors where Blue Zones thrive are:  Social Interaction, Local town center, faith centeredness, and ease to get around.  When you think about what’s contributing to your blueness, have you considered your own connectedness to your community, or are you the first to say I’ve got to get out of town?

When you’re facing the time when retirement is just around the corner, or you’re going through career reinvention, have you considered what gives your life blueness and purpose?  It may not be taking care of the centenarians in your community but it certainly is when you’re reaching that threshold and want to live as long as you can, to thrive into your own sunset years.

Here are the 3 tips to live a blue life:

  1. Social Companionship:  Are you feeling disconnected and alone? Living blue is about the social interaction and support system to connect with family and friends close by rather than across the country.  Yes, I know we are migrated across the country and can work virtual. Living a blue life is about staying connected for strength, companionship and compassionately with those close by.
  2. Exercise and Healthy Habits: Do you feel energetic and your weight isn’t a health concern?  Do you feel good about yourself? Will you enjoy having a meal, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee and having it over a conversation rather than a meal being delivered by a service with little interaction.   Do you have a neighbor to go for a walk with or visit a local park or school to take a continuing education program or assembly program presented by students? Living blue is about daily exercise and food in moderation and again, both of these are not solo sports but rather as part of a group or community.  
  3. Spiritual Community:  Whether you’re a democrat or republican, or whatever religion you practice or don’t, doesn’t matter.  Do you have a positive outlook and are encouraged in what you do? Having a spiritual connection can be meditation, yoga, going to church or praying on a regular basis.  It’s also about taking in the local community events and feeling you are part of the community rather than a shut in who waits for a weekly 30-minute visit.

Living a blue life contributes to your overall health and living in a blue zone than expands beyond the current identified longevity hotspots.  You can live anywhere with the key factors that contribute to having community to walk or bike around, town center to congregate to, restaurant and grocery close by, school and workplace or faith center to live an enriched life.  So that life you dream of after your job ends, yes, the next chapter, second career or retirement is the life you love when it’s enabling you to learn, energize, connect and be with others regularly. Are you ready to live to be 100?   Start by living a blue life!

If you’re facing early retirement or career reinvention crossroads and want to have a conversation about identifying your purpose and passion to live a blue life, email me at  We can have that conversation to start your blue zone life.  The earlier you start, the more comfortable you’ll be to thrive into your own longevity hotspot.

Are you ready to take the quiz to see where you are in your blue life:  Take the Empower Me Quiz HERE  I have three openings this week for conversations.


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