Belief Breakthrough to Lose Weight, Release Procrastination and Accomplish your Goals.

Have you ever felt there was something in your past holding you back? Chances are when you were a youngster and you were trying out for a sports team, a position in the local school play, or the band, you wanted a particular position and for some reason, you weren’t selected. The deciding coach or teacher determined you weren’t ready or maybe there were other youngsters who were ready. Maybe you didn’t receive feedback and in that split second, you made a decision about yourself. The thought may have been “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m not smart enough,” or “I don’t deserve it,” or a number of other thoughts.

As a result, you’ve carried those thoughts since childhood and into

Moving Is Both Challenging and Rewarding

I’ve moved nine times in my life, and every time moving was both challenging and rewarding.  Each move was for a different reason and each move varied from the previous time, but they have gotten better each time.

Moving out of state to go to college is one thing while you’re young.  When you’re established in a community and find yourself moving for a new job, the circumstances are different, and the experience is exciting and frightening.  There are challenges that come with maximizing your time while getting acclimated to a new job and learning about your surroundings in your spare time.  Moving as a family is different than moving solo.  Each has its own challenges.  When you’ve raised your family and are moving later in life, moving can be very difficult.  I’ve found there are a few easier ways to acclimate faster

Have you been sleeping through your alarm clock lately?

You know what happens when the alarm goes off and you tap the snooze button, “just one more time,” you mutter.  If you’re sleep deprived, the addi

tional few minutes of sleep mean you’re just putting off the inevitable that you have to get ready to get out the door to work.   You

used to jump out of bed and were excited about your day.   But something has changed.  Maybe it’s you that’s changed.  Are you dissatisfied with where you are in your life?  Do you get distracted easily?  Or are you looking for something to distract you?

3 Dangerous Trends Professional Women in their 40’s and 50’s Face that Keep Them Struggling with Doing It All, Always Giving and Having No Time!

Do you ever feel that you aren’t good enough?  No matter how much you think you can do, you get distracted and can’t finish the job you started?  Do you feel you that have ADD (Attention Deficit

Disorder) and didn’t have it when you were younger?  Are you able to enjoy spending time with friends?  Do you feel that you are always helping others and have no free time?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, please continue reading.

In the sisterhood of sharing our common challenges with professional women, what I observed is these three dangerous trends:

Are You Speaking With Authenticity Or Listening To The Victim?

Have you ever been in a conversation which required your response and your authenticity didn’t come through?  A two-way conversation is based on listening and providing feedback.  When you’re in a conversation, you have to listen and respond with support or understand if this is drama.

There are times we respond with how to support someone and that is not at all what they want.  Remember the Peanuts cartoons where Charlie Brown is telling Snoopy and his response is “Wah, Wah, Wah.”  Charlie Brown just wanted a sounding board and wasn’t waiting for Snoopy’s response.

There Are Two Sides To Every Relationship

Do you think you know someone and then, when they are in an emotional moment, you freeze because