Is your street address the equivalent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Do you select where you will live based on the address? Maybe not the exact address as much as the neighborhood. You probably aren’t moving into the White House, but your address is as important to have the “right” house number as it is important to live in the “right” neighborhood. 

With Each Decision: I Choose Gratitude Every Day!

Have you ever been among a group of friends and a question is asked that causes you to stop and question how do you feel?  Recently, I attended a women’s breakfast meeting. The question that Decisionsstirred the group to respond emotionally was how do you juggle everything in your day and make decisions with significant impact so quickly when so much is being juggled.

Transitions by Seth Godin

TransitionsLife is full of transitions and ever changing moments. . . Seth’s May blog caught my attention:

Transitions by Seth Godin

Coming and going matter far more than what happens in the middle.

Opening things.

Closing them.

Tearing off the bandage.

Losing something.

Meeting someone new.

Getting on the airplane, getting off of it.

Being greeted.


Ending a feud.

We mistakenly spend most of our time thinking about, working on and measuring the in-between parts, imagining that this is the meat of it, the important work. In fact, humans remember the transitions, because it’s moments of change and possibility and trepidation that light us up.

My mentoring practice supports women on their quest to capture the passion they realize they have lost when life creeps up on you and you’ve missed actively living a chapter.  When you’re requesting mentoring on your goals, email   Are you on a quest to find the part of your life you lost through recent transitions?