Who says I can’t have it NOW?

How many times have you been impatient?

Who’s having a temper tantrum today?  Why is it easier to say what you don’t want rather than what you do?  By process of elimination, it is easier to cross out rather than the time to create something new.

We are programmed, from infants to say what we don’t want.  Ironic how “no” is learned faster than “yes.”

Does your calendar reflect DST?

Have you noticed the additional hour on your calendar? Yes, it was slipped in last week. It takes a few days to recover from gaining the additional time. Are you strategic with how you choose to use your additional daylight hours?

Daylight Savings time (DST) provides longer hours of daylight in the warmer spring and summer weather. Initially, we lose one hour of sleep at the start of DST as a result of gaining hours of daylight later in the season. For some, it takes more than a few days to recover from the lost hour of sleep

Do you live like you are running a marathon?

Training for a marathon has parallels to life.  It’s how you choose to finish the marathon that prepares you for life experiences.  Training requires time and planning.  You train to build endurance.  It takes time for your body to run frequently and increase mileage.

Are you symmetrically soaring?

There is balance in life for everything even when you aren’t paying attention.  Do you live your life in synchronicity or symmetry? When your life is out of balance,  the simple deviations your experience are the obstacles in your way.