An Inescapable Summer Wake Up Call

Summer Camp Adventure

There was a recent story in the local news about an autistic child, four years old, on a  summer day camp trip to the movies on a scorching hot day.  The sad part of this story was the child was left on the school bus while the other campers were escorted to the movie theatre. 

Do you remember your Commencement?

Many Millennials are graduating college and high school over the next few weeks.  It’s humorous to reflect on the advice they will receive in commencement.  Has the message changed from what we received at 22, about opportunity, passion and follow your dreams in college commencement speeches?


Potholes can be obstaclesAre you in an area of the country still suffering from the effects of temperature changes on the highways? It is almost May and in New England, we are still suffering from the horrific infrastructure deterioration of our streets, roads and highways. The highway departments, both local and state, can’t keep up with the destruction that Mother Nature