If you can See, Feel & Touch it, is it Real?

The new year 2015 is a clean slate, or an open blank book, however you wish to see the new year with all its potential and twelve months of life to fill the chapters, it is yours to create. This is your opportunity to set your goals to create a year you wish to dream, visualize and make a reality for a year in your life you’ve not experienced yet.


This year, I made a promise to myself that I will do less to enjoy the holidays more. This also means decorating the house earlier in the season even if I don’t feel it’s too early. There have been years when I decorated later in December and felt I didn’t enjoy the holidays as they passed too quickly.

Your body knows what it needs, do you?

Your Body is sending you signals, Are you listening?

Did you know that your body knows how to take care of itself?  It is like a mechanical machine that knows when something is not operating properly, it sends signals to the brain to indicate where it needs attention.   By ignoring the body’s signals and thinking it will go away, is one option to see what happens.   When you ignore your body’s signals over long periods of time, or you do not think you need to pay attention, your body creates inflammation in organs which cause pain or left to its own, will cause you to experience unnecessary ailments and increased medical expense.  

Reiki Healing Circle

Alternative holistic medicine to help heal others in a safe loving way

Recently, I was asked to join a healing circle at a local hospital.  The hospital offers this complimentary service to cancer patients from volunteers willing to devote from a few hours a weekend or a few evenings per week.