10 Ways to Ignite A Spark In Your Career

10 Ways to Ignite A Spark In Your Career

Spring is FINALLY here!  It comes with the melting snow, blooming flowers and birds serenading with their melodies of song…

It’s time for Spring cleaning!

Just like a home needs to be cleared to free up space and energy, so, too, does every successful career need a good spring cleaning to make room for the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

So if you want to make your career red-hot, these 10 approaches can clear the space and create the spark.

When you Snooze, your Lose, Did you Hear Your Wake Up Call?

Have you set a goal and given yourself enough time to achieve it and then, snoozed through without success?

How often does it happen?

Today’s your wake up call!

Time to shake up your life and notice so you stop continuing the pattern.

Yes, there could be circumstances beyond your control.  Other priorities that put your goal on the back burner, and you decide.

Is there a barrier that’s holding you back from achieving your goals?  The personal ones impact your career and many times your career is affected because you aren’t happy with where you are in your life.

Who is the International Woman that Inspired You?

March is the month to honor women who have contributed to improving the world.  How many women mentors have you had in your life?  Earlier in childhood, it could have been a relative or teacher.  While in my career, my mentors were men.  After getting to know each one of these male mentors, they all had strong inspiring women behind them whether it was a mother or other family member while growing up or currently, a spouse or partner.

In my early childhood years, the international women that inspired me were my grandmother, aunt and a teacher from high school.

Check out or Check in for the Home Work Space Productivity Checklist

Home OfficeHas your office workspace gotten smaller and more constricted recently?  Have you found a place to call your own where you’re more productive?  Has the local phone booth become your best go to office for quiet?  Many office employees go to a phone booth to use their cell phone when working in open workspaces while others prefer the confining space for its quiet and increased productivity.

Today, when your workspace is open, unassigned and can reduce your ability to be productive without having personal effects, figuring out how to claim where to work to get the job done timely and efficiently is critical.  When there are distractions demanding your attention, finding the space to claim your own can be a challenge.  Your productivity is recognized and rewarded when you’re able to work under any virtual circumstance. 

3 Habits That Keep You From The Position You Desire

3 women executivesHave you had the ‘aha’ moment when there’s a position posted that has your name on it and you’re the perfect fit, yet you don’t apply for it?

You convince yourself that you’re ready for a change yet you‘re not taking the steps to get unstuck because you don’t know what you want to do.  There are a few questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck.