Are you feeling the love this week?

Here are the five words that can change your life.

Thank you and I Love You.

Friends ask about your love interests around the holidays and in February when love is in the air.  Actually love is always in the air.  The two emotions that drive every relationship are love and fear.

Interestingly when a colleague is in a thriving relationship, there isn’t a lot to talk about it.  They’re happy, satisfied and not sharing any details of their relationship.  Unless they are!

Friendships Are The Key To Connecting With Others In Life

Friendships are the key to connecting with others in life.  How many friendships do you have?  Chances are if you’ve worked in the same career, your colleagues are your friends.  What happens when the career you love, ends?  Is that also the end of the friendship?  Many times friends are there when you see them in the office.  It doesn’t cascade to your after work life, but no doubt they are friends.

It’s not a popularity contest.  Your career path expands your friendships or can minimize your social life.  It’s both political and just the way it is.  Can you count your friends on one hand or are you Ms. Popular and can fill a room?

Is Your Cup So Full You Can’t Breathe?

My ChoiceWhat would you change about your current day?

Cut back on taking on more projects?

Yes, I know it’s not easy to say “no.”

Time management?

You’ve managed this for so long without needing help.

Organization skills?

You manage this like a master and it amazes others around you.

2019 is the year to Rediscover You!

Are you feeling 2019 isn’t so different from 2018?  Many in the energy field and medical profession have mentioned 2019 is a new healing zone period.  The 2019 vibrational energy is higher than in previous years which means it’s light and loving energy.  You’ll see more compassion and kindness and that is certainly welcomed, even if you haven’t seen much so far this year.

So what’s so different about 2019. . .