Have you experienced tunnel vision?

change, making changeTimes when you know the solution is at the end of the tunnel.

You move forward gingerly.

Or boldly with confidence to see the light.

Can you see there’s more than one solution?

It’s where you can see you’ve entered the uncomfortable space and more importantly know the light will be there after experiencing the darkness.

Ending the Year with “3 things I know for sure”

journal-writing blogging end of year2018 is coming to a close.  Some say it was an awesome year while others can’t wait for 2019 to come soon enough.  This year has been an eye-opener for me.

Will you be staying up to countdown to the new year, and ring in 2019? Or go to sleep and wake up to the 2019 wishing something happened while you slept?

I love watching the highlights of 2018 and knowing how it affected me.  The new year isn’t about resolutions, it’s about your habits.  The ones that work, the ones you can change and seeing the change within that you desire.

3 Tips to Gain Momentum When You’re Slowing Down

Build MomentumHow is your 2018 going?  Have you pushed yourself to achieve the goals you wanted?  What got in your way?  It happens when your year incurs roadblocks or unexpected changes.

2018 started slower for me.  I admit it took me a few months before I felt I could dig in and gain momentum.   Having pneumonia and even though others told me it was the result that I needed to grieve, I wouldn’t listen to slowing down.  What I thought was temporarily not feeling myself, actually took twice as long to get back on my feet.  I lost lung capacity that took the wind out of me.  It set me back until March before I felt I had my normal energy level.  Who would have thought the simple flu or worse yet another bacteria I had to fight to get stronger would knock me out for a few months.

What’s planned for your milestone year?

Are you feeling your life is out of control? Does being around younger people at work cause you to take notice and be aware of how much has changed since you were their age?

There are significant life events most people experience and we look at them as milestone or thresholds.  The milestones happen at predictable ages from 18 to 65.  The life stages seem irrelevant as some people have more energy and others have less.  Are you feeling exhausted at the thought of what’s next?

What’s in your Emergency Bag?

This fall we’ve seen too many wildfires and disasters with floods, and earthquakes.  Each day is a blessing that you don’t have to think about a disaster or emergency plans.  That’s exactly why you should consider this when you can gather information now rather than focus on the emergency.

There have been conversations in the media the last few weeks about the disasters and many I’ve talked to don’t know what they’d do if they were in the disaster.  It’s time to think about if you’ve been in this situation and were lucky, grateful or took action so you’re prepared. When I lived in the Northeast, the only natural disaster was a hurricane and those didn’t happen too frequently.