What Is Your Calendar Reflecting?

Have you started your countdown to the holidays? There’s usually more entertaining, gift giving, attending charitable functions and stress.  While many people have an awareness that the holidays bring both emotional and physical stress, the focus is to balance enjoying the holidays and making changes in your daily activity to lessen the stress.  You know the daily stress of work at other times of the year, holiday stress shows up both in your body and your finances.  As the holiday approaches, have you changed your expectation to do less rather than wanting more every day.

What’s your gratitude score?

Are you the person that says “bah humbug” when the holidays roll around?  Do you have to be convinced to attend functions rather than looking forward to an evening to enjoy yourself?  When the calendar hones in on a holiday, does the thought of engaging in conversation with who’s invited and what’s being served, interfere with deciding to attend or not?  Does leaving your comfort zone, makes you unsocial?  Would you rather stay home, and sit in front of the tube, your laptop or behind your phone?  Would you take the time to admit you’ll pass the pre-judgment this year consider holiday functions with a different attitude?

Social events and hospitality depend on your expectations.  There’s room for entertaining when the expectation is to relax and enjoy yourself.  Yes, it is a social event.  The getting ready and social expectation brings out the worst and best in us.

Why Humor Helps You Manage Burnout

“My candle burns at both ends/it will not last the night.”  ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

You know what your day is like from the moment you wake up to when you crash into bed each evening.  While your list of responsibilities expands, the time to complete tasks is constantly getting shorter.  Burnout resists simple definition because it affects so many aspects of an individual’s life.  In their book, Beyond Burnout, authors David Welch, Donald Medeiros, and George Tate describe burnout as a condition that affects us physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Your Midlife Career Change

Midlife is a lot like being a teenager again–only with more wisdom.  You may not stay out all night and run with a wild crowd, but many in their 40s and 50s experience the same restlessness and yearning for change.  You’re still asking questions about what you want to be when you grow up, but the questions are deeper, more profound.  This time you won’t settle for less than what makes you truly happy.

This is especially true for the work you do.  Yes, you want to pay the bills, support a family, and save for retirement. But, many of us now want our work to be meaningful and make a difference.  We ask ourselves if not now, then when? 

3 Secrets to Create a Big Life

Have you been dreaming of your big life lately?  Do you wake up knowing you had a dream and can’t remember it?

Dreaming is your brain’s response to processing the day.  The brain reviews the decisions you made, the challenges you haven’t fully processed and the path you left that requires continuing while you’re sleeping.  When you’re not sleeping well, you aren’t processing the day with closure.  Are you waking up not feeling rested?  It’s the body’s response to healing while you’re asleep.  When you stay up late and wake up in the middle of the night and find you can’t go back to sleep, the thoughts of the unresolved keep you awake because there ’s too much on your mind to process.  Your body is telling you to change your daily patterns to encourage the rest and calm to heal.