Are you a rock star?  Or entertainer in training?

Have you ever made judgments about the performance of others?  Ignoring the fact that your observations are a reflection of you?

I am not a rock star and have caught myself judging others when they’ve stepped out or done something I’ve been afraid to.  When I pause and put myself in their shoes, I am more compassionate and understanding.

When you’re young and early in your career, there are many opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and into the limelight.

Research shows “ME” time can heal the Soul

Do you have free time on your calendar for you today?  How many of the activities listed are ones you love to do?  How many are supporting your physical, mental or spiritual health?

Are you in a slump and can’t pick yourself up?  When you’re feeling empty, not excited about who you are and why you’re here, it’s time to schedule time for you.

Time to reset!  Time to adjust your calendar.  Give yourself time to check in.  Ask what gets you excited about your purpose, your journey, your career or your life?

Greater Choices Lead to Action with Benefits

Did you know you have more choices every day that you can act on? Every day challenges surface that require you to take action. The challenges vary from the frustration of conversations you feel are not being heard, to the boredom of going through the motions, to hearing about horrific accidents where you question the choices that were made such as the limo crash in upstate New York killing 20 people who chose a safer transportation option rather than driving while intoxicated to attend a birthday celebration and that option turned out deadly.

Choices come when you aren’t looking for them. Whether they are divinely sent or NOW is the time to consider other options.

Life’s Choices Aren’t All Easy But You Know That

Life is about making choices.

Imagine bellying up to the counter at your local ice cream shop and asking the server for “whatever you think I’d like.”

Of course you wouldn’t do that. With a rainbow of ice cream flavors tempting you, making a choice might be difficult, but you’d do it. “Give me Cherries Jubilee and Chocolate Night, put the chocolate on the bottom and get a scoop with lots of cherries in it for the top.

Three Actions to Take when Your Ground is Shifting

Business strategies and rules change more often to support business leadership changes.  When the rules change and they affect you is when you realize, it’s time to think about planning for your future and sometimes it means elsewhere.   Are you prepared for the change notice that’s delivered or are you saying, it won’t happen to me?

We’re seeing more careers disrupted by business decisions of reductions, streamlining and outsourcing to reduce business expenses.  Do you feel the pendulum is swinging and you’re not sure what your options are?

Here are the three things to have in your arsenal to prepare for what’s next.

  1. Positive Outlook:

When you feel your future may be changing and feeling you’re not in control of it, it’s time to focus on what you’re in control of.  Awareness of your mental disposition and acknowledge it’s important to stay positive.  If that means getting outside or begin an exercise program, even if it’s going for a