Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun

Is a summary of my personal lessons learned to flourish in relocating several times in my personal and professional life.

My adult life began with change and relocation after growing up on Long Island, New York, 13 miles east of New York City, and moving to a small town 100 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota the day after high school graduation.  Yes, this is the on-going change in my life.

I didn’t have a clearly defined career path after high school to go to college.  I grew up in a family where college was not considered the next step after high school.  I set a path to blaze through many obstacles in my early adult career.  I went to college for a couple of years and ran out of money to pay tuition. I started working so I could save to finish college.  A good idea at the time, but it took me almost ten years to finish my degree. I moved from Minnesota to Madison, Wisconsin, switched careers and three years later my husband entered the military.

We moved to the U.S. Military Academy base in West Point, NY.  Army life was another change I faced.

He stayed in the military for six years before leaving.  We moved to Orange County, NY where I commuted to my job in New York City.  Commuting . . . another change.  Are you noticing a pattern here?

My life has been a series of changes, culture changes of reinventing myself either personally or professionally.  My Human Resources career of over 20 years in the metro NY area, enabled me to travel around the country to visit various regional offices.  It also meant I wasn’t home for several of the important school events, or meetings and dates as my daughter was growing up.  My absence contributed to going through a divorce and becoming an empty nester.  I asked myself, what’s next?  Yes, I know I’m not alone.  Many women experience divorce and empty nesting.

It’s part of my story.  I understand the embrace change process because I was a relocation manager and supported managers, executives, and expatriates where I worked.  I understand how disruptive relocating can be to start over and acclimate in a new city and new job in your career.  I’ve done it again when I left Connecticut, where my husband and I raised my daughter.

My Human Resources job was downsized, and I made a decision to leave the Northeast.   It was time to start a new life.  I moved to Phoenix and found after 18 months, I was not happy in the oven hot summers. The higher elevations were calling me so I moved north to Sandy, UT, where the clear skies and temperate seasons felt like paradise.  It’s taken me a few years to adjust but I love my life.

My life has changed so much over the past 12 years since my divorce.  My book focuses on how to survive the transition and take care of yourself. The transition has changed me and while I may not have been happy all the time, I have embraced that life is about enjoying where you’re at and taking care of you so you can live the life you choose.

Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun is about the journey.  To be aware of your surroundings, what you value and what makes you come alive each day to wake up to being where you are.

Join me on my journey, I look at self-care as my redeeming grace to surviving this journey and making my transition successful.

What helps you get up each morning, embrace how to make the changes each day and push through the challenges you’re facing.  It begins with you guessed it, the “stuff in your closet.”  We’ll discover together how to check out your closet, break free and thrive in what you choose in your life.

There’s another book in me, it’s still a seed and will come out in the near future.

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