If you can See, Feel & Touch it, is it Real?

The new year 2015 is a clean slate, or an open blank book, however you wish to see the new year with all its potential and twelve months of life to fill the chapters, it is yours to create. This is your opportunity to set your goals to create a year you wish to dream, visualize and make a reality for a year in your life you’ve not experienced yet.

What are the essential components of the outstanding year you wish to create?  According to David Gershon and Gail Straub of West Hurley, New York, authors of Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It, is about empowerment which begins with what you desire.  You can create anything in your life once your desire is elevated to creatively see what you envision.

What you envision, you can create

Imagine your life and when you can see the visual, act as if it already exists, and feel your desire, your brain will become accustomed to your dream; and your dream will become your reality.  Sounds simple but there are key rules to follow.  You must envision regularly what you want to exist already as if it already exists.  You must also focus on the vision you wish to create by reviewing your vision when you go to bed at night and first thing you see in the morning to remind your brain that this is what you truly desire.  When you have created this vision and for it to become a reality in your mind’s eye, it will begin to see this as a reality and your future will begin to change.

The six areas of your life that can become more powerful when you set your desire are:  physical health, emotional health, relationships work, finances and spirituality.  Can you imagine the strength of changing one area of your life based on your desire and you have the capacity to change your life as you’d like it to be.  If you select one or two areas of your life you’d like to change, you will have not only have an extraordinary life but the life you dream of.  You can set yourself free of what is holding you back in your work, your relationships or your physical health, for example.

Your 60 Day Plan

If you struggle in an area that is listed, you can try this exercise for the next 60 days, and with repetition and consistency, you will begin to see your mindset change.  How powerful is that? What is the area that you’d like to change?   Today is the first day of your new chapter, it doesn’t have to be day 1 on the calendar, it does have to be the day you are consistent with what you’d like to change.

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