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What’s planned for your milestone year?

Are you feeling your life is out of control? Does being around younger people at work cause you to take notice and be aware of how much has changed since you were their age?

There are significant life events most people experience and we look at them as milestone or thresholds.  The milestones happen at predictable ages from 18 to 65.  The life stages seem irrelevant as some people have more energy and others have less.  Are you feeling exhausted at the thought of what’s next?

Are the patterns of your life holding you captive? 

Everyone has habits.  You know the ones that start your day.
The ones that help you get settled in at work.
The ones you do getting ready to go out at night.
Or the ones when you’re winding down for the day, to go to sleep.
Have you noticed any of your habits causing frustration, procrastination, or asking why you’re still performing them?

Habits are the structures we create in our lives.

They’re usually for the purpose of improving our lives, saving time, and helping to feel good about yourself.

Although when you feel you’re in a rut, it’s time to shake up the habits.

Countdown to What’s Next and Wake Up

How often do you check in and measure the progress toward your personal goals? Or are you someone that goes with the flow?  Unless your employer communicates changes that affect you, do you stay because making a change is disruptive? Who wants to jump when other co-workers are leaving because they’re unhappy.

My recent conversation with another corporate employee was a countdown to her what’s next.  She was not entirely happy with her work and was okay to stay in that job until the announcement of company goals or values changed.  At that point she found herself saying, I can’t work like this any longer

This is Change Calling

Achieve the goal THIS quarter, because overtime is rarely an option.

Would you rather reset your goal this quarter or go down to the wire at year end?  Rarely, do you have the overtime option.  While it’s exciting to go into overtime in a basketball game, it doesn’t always hold true you’ll win and achieve your goal.

Right now you’re two quarters into the year and can finish the year with a win.  When you’re in control of your actions, you’re certain to win by the end of the year. This year is the year for outstanding finishes and don’t you deserve to make 2018 your awesome year?

Is the party really over?

The day has passed, the date on the calendar has changed, and the streamers are still on the floor.

It’s the morning after the party.  It’s easy to say “just pick up the party remnants and move on.”  My heart is holding a space for all that was celebrated.

Yes, it’s about what we hold special and want in our future.

Have you circled the special date on the calendar for your special event? Knowing there’s additional effort and preparation for any party.  You know the process.  How often do you schedule parties?