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Do You See Your Goals In A Crystal Ball?

Have you ever felt your goal setting was like looking in to a crystal ball and just beyond your reach?  It’s difficult to project what will happen over the next twelve months especially when your objectives are handed down to you as your role is part of a larger vision.

Do you set goals that you will grow from?

Think about the last goal that you set and had a huge “aha”.  Did you know the overall picture, or just your portion?  When you understand how your part is critical to the success of the project, it’s easier to set a goal.  Are your personal goals aligned with your professional goals?  It sounds easier to say when you’re at the top.  When you see the bigger picture, everything you create rests on your vision.

Will you be the master of your expertise?

Yes, everyone wants to be acknowledged for their expertise.  It starts with how you desire to expand your knowledge to the person you desire.  Mastery comes from repeatedly growing your expertise by performing and continually building more skills.  Every goal is an opportunity for growth.

You can change the rules and be bold, or accept the fact when you are the master of your career, you will take jobs you won’t like and you learn from experience to be more selective and more clear on each role you take.

You will have at least seven careers in your lifetime!  Not just changes in positions or jobs, but seven CAREERS.  Extreme as that sounds, it’s the economic and technological changes that have significant influence on the jobs available.

What is the point in all this?

There is no crystal ball.  Push yourself because you are the only one that can to achieve the goals you desire.  Create the perfect job and and align your personal and professional goals because that is what matters.  When they don’t align, you will not push yourself to achieve and be the master of your expertise.

You are your own master of personal development.  It isn’t the leader who determines how you should expand your mastery.  Take responsibility for what interests you.  When you step out with new ideas—you’ll see if your personal growth areas challenge you professionally as well.  Do what you love because your personal and professional goals will align when you do.

If you’re someone that doesn’t set goals, why not?  It is your desire and craft that sets you apart.

When you start your career, you are likely treated like the apprentice or intern.  Today you have many sources of training and technology to gain additional mastery in virtually any areas you want.

You can proclaim to be the person that doesn’t set goals.  The truth is when you set a SMART goal with (specifics, measurable, accountable, realistic and time-based) write it down and see it, you will not only 50% more likely to achieve, but achieve earlier than your goal timeline.

There are lessons learned in creating goals, you have a record in your brain of what worked and when it didn’t work.  The tweaking to achieve success.  Goals can be pie in the sky objectives, but research studies show when goals are established—you are more driven and successful to stretch yourself goal after goal.