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Are you showing your colors today? It’s Flag Day! Three Tips To Living A Blue Life.

Three Tips to Live a Blue Life

No one wants to be in the red, and wouldn’t you rather be in the blue, yes a blue life!  There are two things that contribute to your success. Being in the right place at the right time and having the confidence to handle whatever comes your way is definitely being in the blue!  Yet, contrary to your success, there are a few factors to master, so you can always be in the Blue.

Yes, I’m talking about blue elixirs.  How much do they cost? Hopefully, when they taste good you’ll consume and if they don’t, you’ll take it anyway.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the places around the globe where both men and women live to be centenarians, not just aging seniors but vibrant active centenarians.  They live in international communities where the local services provided are all you need to live a rich blue life. These are Blue Zones, which author and researcher, Dan Buettner looked for the common lifestyle links around the globe and identified locations described as longevity hotspots.  They are in Okinawa, Japan; Icaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; and Nicoya, Costa Rica.   Are you noticing a pattern here?

2019 is the year to Rediscover You!

Are you feeling 2019 isn’t so different from 2018?  Many in the energy field and medical profession have mentioned 2019 is a new healing zone period.  The 2019 vibrational energy is higher than in previous years which means it’s light and loving energy.  You’ll see more compassion and kindness and that is certainly welcomed, even if you haven’t seen much so far this year.

So what’s so different about 2019. . .

Time for change…

It’s the end of January and most people have forgotten about the New Year’s resolutions they committed to on the 1st of the month.  Many think… why bother, I know I won’t keep my resolutions anyway… and I will re-commit next year – and that is when I will really do it!

You have to admit, there is still time to make the changes you want this year… there are still 11 months left… the question you have to answer is, can you do it on your own?

Or, are you still thinking things will change soon and you won’t have to worry about anything?

Have you started your detox?

We are half way through January and I have heard many people talking about the detox changes they’re making in their lives in 2018. 

Have you started your detox?   

This year, I don’t recall seeing many ads asking you to sign up at the gym, or to change your eating habits, but what I did notice are prescriptions to change how you look in your new body.  Am I immune to the ads or has the focus changed this year?

Reflections on the Past Year

Do you use the “F” word to strengthen or crush your challenges?

Reflecting on the past year signals another year of service on the job, when you enjoy what you do, or make the decision to change and have more impact at work.  Every day there are challenges and experiences that surprise us because we weren’t expecting them.  I faced challenges this year that came one after another, forcing me to either accept them or resist.  Being flexible and learning just in time, was a smoother response, albeit not always easier.