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Is your midnight candle burning out?

Have you had the conversation recently asking yourself, “what’s next?”

You know you’re ready for something different, but when you look ahead, it looks like more of the same.

Is that what you’d like more of – the same in your life?

Yes, more responsibility and more pay.

You’d welcome the pay and frankly you can handle the responsibility but it’s also more of the same, more stress and more of the politics.

Is the party really over?

The day has passed, the date on the calendar has changed, and the streamers are still on the floor.

It’s the morning after the party.  It’s easy to say “just pick up the party remnants and move on.”  My heart is holding a space for all that was celebrated.

Yes, it’s about what we hold special and want in our future.

Have you circled the special date on the calendar for your special event? Knowing there’s additional effort and preparation for any party.  You know the process.  How often do you schedule parties?

Your Story

Are you listening to your story?

Have you attended a party and someone has returned from an exotic vacation?  You listen to the adventures and daydream a little about their trip.  You are in wonder and awe.  You say to yourself that sounds wonderful for them but I don’t think I could do that…  I don’t even know where to begin.  So you take your adventures close to home.

I know I’ve listened to friends reminisce about studying abroad in college.  The idea didn’t even enter my radar.  It wasn’t an option for me.  I’m a little envious.  It isn’t something I would have considered or thought to do when I was in college.  In contrast, today there are a lot of options available to college students, options to travel or study or go just about any where.

Procrastination is a Despised Behavior that Works

I admit it, I procrastinate.  I can even give the reasons and times I prefer to procrastinate.

  • “I work better under pressure. The closer the deadline, the more creative I am.”
  • “I have plenty of time to complete by the deadline, I have other priorities and can start later.”

The truth is at times; I am rebelling because it isn’t what I want to do.  Tony Simons, Associate Professor at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration conducted research and asked 6,500

Have you been sleeping through your alarm clock lately?

You know what happens when the alarm goes off and you tap the snooze button, “just one more time,” you mutter.  If you’re sleep deprived, the addi

tional few minutes of sleep mean you’re just putting off the inevitable that you have to get ready to get out the door to work.   You

used to jump out of bed and were excited about your day.   But something has changed.  Maybe it’s you that’s changed.  Are you dissatisfied with where you are in your life?  Do you get distracted easily?  Or are you looking for something to distract you?