Countdown to What’s Next and Wake Up

How often do you check in and measure the progress toward your personal goals? Or are you someone that goes with the flow?  Unless your employer communicates changes that affect you, do you stay because making a change is disruptive? Who wants to jump when other co-workers are leaving because they’re unhappy.

My recent conversation with another corporate employee was a countdown to her what’s next.  She was not entirely happy with her work and was okay to stay in that job until the announcement of company goals or values changed.  At that point she found herself saying, I can’t work like this any longer

How often are you pushed to your limit?  When you assess what’s important to you in your career and feel dissatisfaction increasing on a regular basis, will you notice it’s time to take action? Change is disruptive.  When you take small steps to change, you’re alleviating the stress you feel.  Ask yourself what’s important, to feel uncomfortable or feel so stressed it affects your health?

Procrastination becomes a comfort zone until you realize that the comfort isn’t supporting your health.  Your fear is taking over and by staying put to see what happens is similar to being a walking time bomb.  When you feel your blood pressure increasing or you’re losing sleep and can’t wake up because you’re exhausted, it’s time to literally wake up to make a change in your life.

There are two types of changes that prompt employees to take action.  The change in their work status or their health.  Both are not being proactive.  Being in a reactive mode to make change means you’re not thinking logically and will make decisions that aren’t in your best interest.  Be in control of the situation and proactive to decide the steps to take that support your personal growth.

You’ve heard the office chatter about the co-workers that got the promotion you wanted.  They take the promotion and after being in the job for a short time, they’re putting in their resignation.  They’ve realized there are better options when the light of opportunity is shining bright. They are able to see opportunities because they aren’t in desperation for a next step.  When you elevate yourself above the rumblings of your co-workers going through the motions, you’ll find it’s time to start your countdown for your next move.  The next role is the one where your co-workers will be envious.

Ask yourself these three questions for a new role:

  1. Am I excited about the opportunity and future in the new role?
  2. Will the new role enable me to expand my portfolio and my personal life benefit as well?
  3. Am I willing to make the change to stop procrastinating, get out of my comfort zone, let go of my fear and stop letting my ego disappoint me?

When you answer yes to all three questions, you’re ready to start your countdown and find the opportunity that motivates, inspires and encourages you to be where your contributions matter to you!

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