Have you started your detox?

We are half way through January and I have heard many people talking about the detox changes they’re making in their lives in 2018. 

Have you started your detox?   

This year, I don’t recall seeing many ads asking you to sign up at the gym, or to change your eating habits, but what I did notice are prescriptions to change how you look in your new body.  Am I immune to the ads or has the focus changed this year?

What happened?  Are we so starved for looking good, we aren’t willing to do the work?  It’s easier to take a pill and wait to see the results.

As I sit here with my pneumonia diagnosis, following my doctor’s instructions, I’m taking it easy and learning how to R E L A X.  That’s the only way the body gets stronger and better.

I’ve never really been good with the R E L A X word.  I seem to have a lot to do.  As long as I have energy, my body will move.  Well that’s not the case this year.

Pneumonia is a strange diagnosis.  Having had walking pneumonia in the past, I know that it was much easier to manage… or maybe I was younger and had more fighting power in me.  Pneumonia is waiting for your lungs to recover from the fluid on them.  You don’t have the energy to fight back, and when you have no energy, this process takes longer.  Your lungs are yelling “no, I can’t do it.”  I would never have thought I would ever find myself in this position.

Think about all those times you have a cold or the flu, that can knock you down for a few days.  This is something different.  I’ve always been a healthy person and proud of the fact that I take care of myself and exercise.

This year, I was caught off guard.  I didn’t see it coming.  I certainly didn’t even feel it coming.  Just after Christmas I found myself dragging to get out of bed and do anything.  I wasn’t depressed, I was without a steering rudder to direct me.  In spite of my appetite, I wasn’t hungry and the thought of making something to eat was repulsive.

What happened?

How do we put ourselves in such a position? 

Do we forget to take care of ourselves and then after a few days of extreme stress, our coping mechanism decides it needs time to recover so it shuts down?

When you’re healthy and take care of yourself and all of a sudden, your health changes, that’s when you ask yourself, what did I miss?

That’s where I’m at.

I set an intention for the weeks ahead… when I’ll have more energy.

Your health isn’t a switch you can turn on or off.  It will take time to rebuild endurance and have the energy that I previously experienced.

It’s ironic how we can take something so simple for granted.  Your health.

I’ve had a few people ask me,

What were you doing that you weren’t paying attention to what your body was telling you?

Well, to be honest, I never really thought about that.  Recently, this pneumonia has become my body detox

  • My taste buds are off. 
  • My body has less energy.

I have considered this detox to “right size” back to the elements to gain my own strength.  Several years ago, I read about detoxing every month, so you cleanse your system.  At the time, I didn’t cleanse all the items from my life, but I can see the difference a few months of detoxing can do.

So I came up with a list of a few items to detox over the next six months:

January: Clutter

February: Shopping

March: Get More Rest

April: Social Media

May: Worry (being in the present)

June: TV

When I can plan a month to let go of the clutter (by releasing it), or refrain from shopping, or making an effort to go to bed earlier (getting additional hours of sleep makes a difference).

When was the last time you planned a detox?  There are lots of benefits to a detox, gaining more energy, releasing toxins in the body, gaining clarity and having peace of mind. 

In the interim, I’m learning from my RELAX mode…

R: reflecting

E: energetic conservation

L: letting go of the past

A: action taking for new beginnings

X: expiration of old habits to create new behaviors

Process and schedule a month of detox to clear my toxins, my mind and gain clarity.

Would you be successful in planning a detox month of letting go to gain clarity and peace of mind?

This month, I started with letting go of the clutter:

  • I held on to training materials from programs I attended years ago with the intention of using the materials and yet, some of the binders I’d held onto were older than I can to admit I still had.
  • I held on to training’s and materials thinking I’d refer to them. 

What was I thinking? 

I hadn’t touched them in years.

It was time to let go. 

The ironic part is, I felt a huge weight lifting off my shoulders.  My closet was a lot more spacious.  I questioned why I hadn’t let go earlier.  I wasn’t ready for the grounding material detox.  Holding on to paper is grounding you and likewise, letting go of it is freeing.  I was afraid I’d forget the material if I let go of it.

Why not check your calendar and plan your own detox for the next few months? 

Let me know of your progress.  Scheduling a detox can be overwhelming but the results are gratifying and you’ll feel better about the remaining months in the year. 

If your detox fails, revert to the RELAX method.

Best to you on letting go and being free to RELAX this year!

One comment on “Have you started your detox?

  1. Karen on

    Love your RELAX acronym! I’ve been doing a detox of my own. I had decided to declutter over the Winter Break. I’ve been very successful but I’m not finished. It has turned into a month of decluttering because I’ve chosen to go through every piece of paper. It’ll be at least a month before I’m done but it does feel SO good. I’m already looking forward to doing it again. Maybe I can get rid of even more!

    Meanwhile, I’ve also been getting more rest, letting go of worry and also quieting my rambunctious thoughts. My perspective on life is changing. I’m going to “reflect” on your RELAX more. Thank you. This is timely.


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