Your body knows what it needs, do you?

Your Body is sending you signals, Are you listening?

Did you know that your body knows how to take care of itself?  It is like a mechanical machine that knows when something is not operating properly, it sends signals to the brain to indicate where it needs attention.   By ignoring the body’s signals and thinking it will go away, is one option to see what happens.   When you ignore your body’s signals over long periods of time, or you do not think you need to pay attention, your body creates inflammation in organs which cause pain or left to its own, will cause you to experience unnecessary ailments and increased medical expense.  

What do Cravings mean?

Have you noticed cravings in your body?  What causes the cravings?  How can I avoid or minimize the cravings?  Why am I experiencing cravings, I eat a good diet.

Cravings are your bodies responses to what you are consuming.  There are several simple cravings that you can remediate by eating foods to combat deficiencies.

  • Salt cravings identify consumption of highly processed and chemically grown  foods stripped of nutrition.  Salt cravings indicate a mineral deficiency.
  •  Sweet cravings indicate your body craves a number of things which you can satisfy it.  Sweets can be satisfied with sweet vegetables such as beets, carrots, sweet potatoes (root vegetables) or dark chocolate or natural sweeteners such as honey, or agave nectar.  Also spices can satisfy sweet cravings such as ginger, currants, lime and lavender).
  • Bitter cravings indicate your body is craving to cut through the fat and stagnation in the digestive tract.  Leafy greens can unblock the digestive track.  You may notice this craving after considerable consumption of coffee and dark beers.
  • Pungent cravings are also felt after consuming Chinese  foods, but consuming ginger, cayenne, scallions, onions, pepper, leeks and garlic can aid to digest food in the stomach, large intestine and also blockages in the lungs.
  • Spicy cravings are the result of eating bland foods (such as foods that have a long shelf life as a result of eating bland foods with added fat and cholesterol).  Consuming cayenne, garlic, hot pepper, and sesame oil can break through the bland diet.

Cravings are also caused by dehydration, lack of nutrients, lifestyle imbalance and yin/yang imbalance.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  The body knows what it needs to operate efficiently.  It can operate effectively when you provide the nutrition and fluids for it to thrive and provide you with the energy to enjoy all your activities.   When you feed it nutritionally dense food,your body thrives.  When you feed it processed, nutritionally deficient food, it is starved and unable to perform to the level you may be expecting.  The same goes for liquids.  When you provide your body with water, you are hydrating your organs, and your skin which is 75% of your body.   Many people experience migraine headaches, depression, asthma, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and many other illnesses and their symptoms will decrease if you simply drink more water every day.

Lifestyle imbalance is when you are dissatisfied with where you are in your life, whether that’s a lack of exercise program, being stressed, being bored or being uninspired.  Food cravings are used as a substitute for filling this void.  The yin/yang imbalance is related to foods that expansive (sugar) or contractive (meat) and your body needs to recalibrate to adjust to the substances that are consumed.

Think about how your body responds every day when you start your day with little water and little food.  Your body feels it must reserve its strength and energy because it doesn’t know when the next meal or liquid will be arriving.  Replenish your water supply every morning and provide a nourishing breakfast within two hours of waking up.  You will start your day with the best possible start, in a state of satisfaction rather than deprivation.

To summarize, the three things to understand about your body, your body knows what it needs, second, your body takes care of itself, and third, abusing your body will cause inflammation which is the cause of many body conditions and requires professional healthcare attention.  Why not enjoy the gifts your body provides to you by rewarding yourself for what you’re grateful your body provides.  For example, feed your brain, nourish your organs and you will feel better than you can imagine for all your body does for you.

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