Is the party really over?

The day has passed, the date on the calendar has changed, and the streamers are still on the floor.

It’s the morning after the party.  It’s easy to say “just pick up the party remnants and move on.”  My heart is holding a space for all that was celebrated.

Yes, it’s about what we hold special and want in our future.

Have you circled the special date on the calendar for your special event? Knowing there’s additional effort and preparation for any party.  You know the process.  How often do you schedule parties?

There are six steps to plan an event:

  1. Purpose for an event
  2. Sending Invitations
  3. RSVP and Follow up
  4. The Gift/Goodie Bag for attendees
  5. Backup Plan (if needed)
  6. Event

This all looks pretty straight forward and simple.  Well, sort of.  Remember the last New Year’s Eve party and how much preparation it took.  Once you decide to have the party and then the month of is December split between enjoying the holidays and focusing on the party, so you don’t get distracted.  The evening before the party and you ask yourself, “Are we ready?”

I haven’t really planned anything when it comes to party, especially for a birthday.  This year I’m in a new location and decided I would celebrate in a different, albeit, virtual way.  Invite my closest friends, family members, and Facebook and Linked In friends to join me.

There was an overwhelming response.  Actually you don’t know until the day comes and you take a leap of faith that people will support you.

I did the work which was for the purpose of the party.  The party was to launch my first published book.  I had dreamt about writing a book… I wrote my thesis and said “someday, I’d like to write a book that’s more personal and fun.”

My thesis paper was a research paper about three companies and their success stories implementing a compensation structure that also increased career opportunities.  It was written during a time when organizations were flattening their hierarchy.  Companies were experiencing limited opportunities for career promotions.  The compensation plan provided opportunity for employees in flattened organizations.

In my thesis, there was a utility & power company, a consumer products company, and a technical consumer conglomerate that participated in the study.  The consumer products company experienced huge success with the migration to the new compensation structure.  The technical consumer conglomerate found it didn’t work in their culture.  They ultimately had to transition back to their prior structure.  The third company which was a utility & power company implemented and experienced bumps in their implementation.  Initially the process didn’t work.  After considerable options and modifications, they were successful.  It was exciting to learn where we thought it would work, it didn’t.  Then we looked at where we thought it would be smooth, the leaders in the company were responsive to modify and find a solution that would work.

In contrast, the book I wrote Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun, was a collection of the processes I’ve experienced and the lessons learned as a result of personal changes impacting my professional life.

As I look back, I didn’t plan for the book as part of a celebration, but it was definitely an event to be celebrated.  It took time to prepare information about the chapters in the book which I shared in short videos.  You could make the choice if you wanted to purchase the book at a special price.  In some ways, the videos of information were compared to the thesis about what worked, what didn’t, and the changes I made to modify and keep going to achieve and make personal development changes.

The process that helped me prepare for the book party was similar to planning an event. You know which friends and connections love attending events.  You also know who will bring additional friends to attend, spread the message, and celebrate with you.  They are definitely attendees who are there for the celebration and spiritual support.

This party was an intimate setting for people who were experiencing their own challenges to receive support after they watched the videos.  I shared information from several chapters.

Were you able to attend?

The purpose was to “Celebrate Life,” and remind you to enjoy chapters of your life and celebrate.  When you’re caught up in the routine of your life, you lose connection with friends and who you want to spend time with.  Do you focus on the responsibilities that keep you in constant work mode without taking time to enjoy yourself and celebrate what’s important?  How many times have you said, I’m going to take time this weekend to relax and something comes up, it happens.  Yes, life happens and there’s always surprises.  The relaxing time disappears.

Do you crash at the end of each day?  I remember feeling this way more regularly than not each evening as I was experiencing my challenging personal time?  I was forgetting to slow down and relax.

Why is slowing down so important?  It’s putting your feet up and saying I’m done for tonight or this weekend and enjoying time to do NOTHING.  That’s right, we’re able to value time when we spend it doing NOTHING.  You physically and emotionally need NOTHING time to recharge.  Yes, it recharges when you sleep and when you’re crashing each evening from exhaustion, you receive very little NOTHING time.   Sometimes you may think I can’t afford to do nothing, and the truth is you can’t afford not to.  You deserve NOTHING time.

Is the party over?  Of course not, it’s just beginning.  This is your opportunity to take advantage of what’s important in your life.  Take the time to plan more NOTHING time.  Be aware of what you can do to rearrange your schedule to enjoy what you aren’t doing enough of.  Here are a few questions to reconsider to keep your party going.

Do I have NOTHING time each day?

Can I disconnect from responsibilities to enjoy connecting with family or friends?

Am I slowing down each evening rather than crashing from running on empty?

What is important to me to stay recharged and how can I make an effort to plan for it?

Am I celebrating each day for more joy?

It’s time to plan your celebration.

Celebrating is allowing yourself to receive a gift of relaxing, doing NOTHING and enjoy it because you’re giving to others all the time.

Can you imagine what it would be like if 5 days from now you gained more clarity, embraced change, and started to truly enjoy your life? Grab my Celebrating Life Series and take time to slow down and celebrate life!


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