Mastermind for Women

The Mastermind is a connection with other women facing similar challenges.  They come from different professions and occupations, and locations across the country.  They are challenged with knowing their purpose.  They want to identify their passion and live with joy.

The first six weeks in the book, Discover your Soul Signature, are about breaking through the “stuff”:

  • You will look deep within to do “the work.” Identify past events that are holding you back
  • We’ll work on releasing them, through workbook responses so you can take notes, create new intentions, be aware of new behaviors
  • Each week we’ll identify the feelings in the first six chapters that keep you stuck (fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame and self-judgment)
  • The work is an introspective journey.  It’s your choice how much you want to share, but I want to know what you’re getting out of the chapter and how I can help you
  • The Mastermind is a collective journey, what you discover, how as a group, we can together lift you through to the next week.
  • Next we’ll cover the chapters to create new habits, raise awareness and you’ll see how making changes impacts the relationship you have with you which cascades to your relationships with others.
  • You’ll see the changes happen before your eyes.
  • It’s exciting and transformational!

The book is available through your local bookstore or Amazon.

The digital workbook I’ve prepared is available for $9.97
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Mastermind for Women Workbook.

Join me for the Mastermind, beginning October 9 and 10.

The zoom link is attached on my FB page:  Mastermind for Women: Discover Your Path  & Soul Signature

You’ll receive 33 weeks of connection with other women on their journey and bring your questions, I’m here to support you. If you know other women that are interested in joining the Mastermind, please send me a message and unless we’re connected they won’t be able to join the Mastermind.