Is your midnight candle burning out?

Have you had the conversation recently asking yourself, “what’s next?”

You know you’re ready for something different, but when you look ahead, it looks like more of the same.

Is that what you’d like more of – the same in your life?

Yes, more responsibility and more pay.

You’d welcome the pay and frankly you can handle the responsibility but it’s also more of the same, more stress and more of the politics.

Oh, how you know that routine.

Do you resist the next step because you’ll travel more and be away from those who are important to you?

It sounds enticing, the challenges, the visibility and you can close your eyes and see everything in front of you.  It isn’t glamorous at all.

I’ve been there too.

I was prodded regularly to go for the next level role.

And I resisted.

Yes, the roles come up less frequently.  I noticed the pattern of who was tapped on the shoulder and was reminded to apply for the roles.  I wasn’t the one awarded the roles.

I accepted the fact, I wasn’t what leadership wanted.

I got the job done and achieved my goals, but the truth is they wanted someone more in your face and I didn’t confront people enough.

I kept hearing my intuition say you’ll lose the opportunity because you’re not going for it.

You’ll lose your edge.

I traveled my share.   It was usually without much notice.   Many times, the travel conflicted with already established commitments on my calendar.

Are you facing the same challenges?

You know what you’re missing when you travel.  You’ll never get the replay to a missed solo in band or orchestra or a regional or state championships for your star athlete.

You have to live with “I missed that event.  It was the proud winning moment for your adolescent” and how much more do I want to miss.

The holidays are just around the corner.  You know the results you’re responsible to achieve by the end of the year.

The new year will bring new goals, higher stretch goals.  More of the same with a leader making announcements of next year’s savings and how many employees and jobs are at stake.

Yes, it’s the business cycle.  Aren’t you tired of it?  The leadership wonders why employees aren’t engaged.  There are many high level messages delivered and employees are feeling on the short end wanting to know where they fit.

Are you ready to decide if this is your year?  The year you can make it your best.  Before you make the decision to follow your goals and where you see yourself going?

It doesn’t take long to reminisce about the pendulum swinging back and forth in your career.  You know you’ve been here before.

Are your ready to say it’s my turn?

I’ve had that conversation too. When I had to face if I want to be in control or have someone else control my fate.  That’s why I wrote “Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun.”  I found, when I focused on my own personal development.  The company wasn’t interested in what I did really well.  I was confronted with you do this really well, but we don’t want to offer that to employees any longer. The role that I was enjoying was becoming more mechanical and what was fun, was becoming routine.  I wasn’t having fun and it was time to decide if I wanted to follow someone else’s dream or my own.

I made a number of changes.  I made decisions that were good for my circumstances.  Reflecting back, over the past four years, I wouldn’t change any of the decisions I made.  Were they difficult?  Yes.  Did I lose sleep over any of them?  Yes.  And, it was worth it.

Here are three tips to consider as you evaluate if you’re ready for a new role.

  1. Let Go –  You’ve had success in your career. Are there experiences that weigh heavy on your mind that limit your ability to expand for new experiences?
    • Make a list of the accomplishments and also of the experiences that weigh on your heart.  Check off how many you can let go of.  When you look at the ones that weigh on your heart, are you willing to let go of them.  There’s a process to release them and I can help you release them so you’re able to be open to new experiences.
  2. Embrace Change ­– Rather than having resistance to making difficult changes, take care of yourself. Acknowledge that change is the key to your own personal development.
    • What are the things that help you embrace change?  Meditation, yoga, working out, pursuing a hobby that you enjoy that stimulates your curiosity, creativity or gives you a sense of adventure. Take care of your own personal development.  If you’re a mentor for others, schedule your own personal mentoring time.
  3. Celebrate and Have Fun – Yes, celebrations are the key to having fun. Do you schedule time for things that make you feel good.
    • Take a walk, go for a massage or manicure/pedicure, go swimming or biking, read a book or go to the movies, go for coffee or wine with friends.  If you aren’t doing any of these things, why not?  You deserve to celebrate your own wins, at least every day and each week..

When are you ready to follow your dream?

The candle is lit for you to set your intention and decide if you’re ready to make the change you’ve been dreaming about.  Dreams are just those.  You focus on how they can become your reality when you decide you’re ready to feel, taste and see them as strongly as you see where you are today if it isn’t where you want to be.

If you’re at a crossroads and would like to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to see if you’d like a mentor who’s gone through this process with others, here’s the link to set up a complimentary Discovery Session.



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