Are the patterns of your life holding you captive? 

Everyone has habits.  You know the ones that start your day.
The ones that help you get settled in at work.
The ones you do getting ready to go out at night.
Or the ones when you’re winding down for the day, to go to sleep.
Have you noticed any of your habits causing frustration, procrastination, or asking why you’re still performing them?

Habits are the structures we create in our lives.

They’re usually for the purpose of improving our lives, saving time, and helping to feel good about yourself.

Although when you feel you’re in a rut, it’s time to shake up the habits.

That’s the signal you’re ready for change.  Habits can definitely change your life with new actions taken and being open to new paths.

Be observant in your day when you’re a creature of habit.  Ask yourself what’s working, and what’s consuming more time that isn’t worth it.  That’s when it’s time to makes changes.

It’s looking within to identify what’s not working.  Being courageous, let’s do something to feel better about who you are and what you desire each day.

Habits can trigger you on a certain date on the calendar, day of the week, on an anniversary of an event in the past, or a day that that’s passed full of memories.  Those days are especially meant to create a new habit.  If it was a painful memory, create a meaningful activity to replace the memory to feel less pain.  You can even turn it around to feel productive about making a change, to change the negative to a positive, or even neutral after grieving for so long.

Whenever we are mid-summer, I start to feel the pangs of autumn on my heels.  I love Indian Summer.  When September rolls around, I start to feel the trigger of 9/11.  I was working in Manhattan on September 11.

It holds many memories.

I remember seeing the air filled with ash.  Also getting on the train late that afternoon to go home from work.  Seeing the ash soot on many men and women’s pant legs that were working in lower Manhattan and had to walk through the tower ashes to get to Grand Central.

It holds a horrific memory for me.

Mayor Giuliani instructed New York City commuters not to come into the city the days following 9/11.  Instead, I visited the local Connecticut state park not far from where I lived, to reflect with prayers of strength and healing to get through this difficult time.

The weather in the Northeast in September is usually spectacular.  It’s been 17 years since 9/11.  I’ve made a point to go to a grounding place where ever I live to reflect on the day with prayers.  I also plant flowers whether it’s part of a community event at a local park, at my home or even local church for the souls that were lost that day.

That’s become a positive habit I’ve created.

9/11 was horrific.  Our country and people across the globe came together that day, and unfortunately horrific events have continued.  May we see an end to the horrific episodes that continue losing innocent lives.  I can understand you feel triggered and may stay in a rut rather than changing your habits.

For the days that trigger you, may you create a plan to change your habits.  For the negative that you’re feeling that’s causing you to forego decisions to make changes.  Stop!  Create new habits to honor or change the date on your internal calendar so it becomes a day of healing or prayer for strength.

You can change the patterns that hold you captive.  It’s deciding today to take positive actions to alleviate your pain and move forward with compassion that you can make changes.

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