Empowering Coaching & Consulting Programs:

Our programs are designed to meet your specific needs.  The underlying philosophy and methodology are based upon doing the inner “self-work” to explore your personal fulfillment and joy as you move through stages of transition and design your next chapter.  There are two levels of programs: Individual and Online Group Coaching.

Program Benefits:
You will develop a new vision for your life that aligns with your values, passion and purpose.

You will experience fulfillment and joy embracing undiscovered new areas in your life.

You will celebrate an abundance of new possibilities.

Individual Coaching:

Create the lifestyle you desire by tapping the 12 core areas necessary to lead a successful empowered life.

  • 3-hour Individual Personal Assessment
  • 12 Sessions of one-on-one coaching
  • 9 Mindset Transition processes
  • 4 Step Process Vision Setting Blueprint
  • 3 Step Process to Expand Your Circle of Influence
  • Email Access to Coach

Book: Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun 
by Karen Jones

Online Group Coaching:

Create the lifestyle you desire by connecting in a virtual setting with like minded women to lead an empowered life.

  • 6 group sessions meeting online
  • 3 hot seat coaching sessions
  • 4 individual Mindset Transition processes
  • 3 Step Process to Expand your Circle of Influence
  • Private Facebook Group
  • List of Resources to Upgrade Your Mindset
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