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Were you enjoying a Memorial Day cookout with friends?  I had the pleasure of visiting with friends I previously worked with.  A few of the friends have moved on to the next stage of their lives. The lucky ones said yeah, we’re in retirement.  Some by their own choice and others because their position was eliminated and they haven’t found another job yet. The common conversation that came up, how are you feeling about this new chapter?  Have you heard from former colleagues?


Life in Paradise

One friend I’ve known over 30 years, it doesn’t seem possible!   l asked a few questions about a number of things that have changed in her life.  I thought Anna was happy in retirement. She lived in paradise, or a wonderful community in Florida.  She’s been a snowbird for the past ten years. This visit was different than previously. She recently stopped her northern snowbird travels.


Intentions Change

Anna was a vibrant, sassy woman full of energy while she was working.  As her retirement day arrived, she was excited to start a new chapter. She attended the pre-retirement planning classes prior.  She decided to continue her position in the legal department two days a week until she was ready to sell her home as winter was approaching.


Goals Achieved, Now Require a Reset

She chose to build in a retirement community in Florida and looked for part time positions there.  She entertained visiting her grandchildren and knew travel back to the Northeast would be in her future plans.  In Florida, Anna found a part time job working for a local school district as a crossing guard knowing she was up early in the morning and the schedule wasn’t too demanding to again help out a few hours in the afternoon.  When the brutal heat of Florida hit, she knew that there were other options that might be more accommodating to her. This would fill the gap of the 40+ full time hours she worked many years while she was adjusting to a different schedule in retirement.


Social Interaction Is Necessary

In spite of the fact that Anna loved being around enthusiastic children, she found she needed adult interaction as well.  She volunteered at the local community center. She even chose to head a couple of the committees when other volunteers shied away from taking on leadership roles.  Anna still had the energy and discipline to contribute at a higher level similar to her corporate job of 25 years as a legal assistant. She was motivated, clear minded and still felt she could contribute in her later years.


What’s Your Later in Life Purpose   

It’s been 12 years since Anna retired.  She’s still searching for the part time position that will give her a bigger purpose and contribution in her life.  She knows others in her Florida community are happy to watch grand and great grandchildren, go to the library occasionally, and attend social functions but Anna wants more.


Having Goals Give Meaning to Life Purpose

Anna shared with me, when you’ve had goals all your life, you do want more and feel you can achieve more in your life!  Anna graduated college as an adult when her son was in middle school. She survived having an entrepreneurial husband and was the household planner, the benefit provider in the family.  She went to one of the pre-retirement planning sessions in her 50’s and was told, you need a million dollars to retire. Anna saved and yes, she admits she could have saved more. She was a conscientious saver while she was working, she reduced her expenses and her debt.  She did what she was told to achieve a successful retirement!


Anna stated “she’s still searching for the purpose and meaning in her life, even at this stage, she wants more purpose.”  Her burning ember is slowly cooling, and she doesn’t want it to go out! She feels it will affect her health, vitality, and social interactions as well.  She has more contributions still to make. Her neighbors don’t have the same desire. Anna’s earlier purpose in her career is bubbling to explore and find what fills her up for those 40 hours she worked and if she can fill 20 of them with purpose, she’ll feel at ease.


Keep Your Fire Burning

Have you felt your embers of purpose are slowly cooling because you haven’t found your purpose in retirement?  It’s time to listen within to what’s calling you. I’ve been helping women find their calling after their careers have ended.  It’s your Soul Signature as Panache Desai calls it. Searching through the feelings of you’re not enough to raise your energy to achieve what you desire.


Do you have a vision of what retirement looks like?  Some retirees want to take the trip they didn’t have the time for while they were working, or explore, and plan trips with friends or their partner.  Are you comfortable staying in your current home and location or do you want to relocate to a milder climate? Do you want to volunteer and give back?  Or take your skills or hobbies to help others? I’ll help you discover what’s your purpose so you can fill the 20, 30 or 40 hours a week that your former career consumed.  Now, you get to choose. It doesn’t happen overnight and with planning and listening to your own insight and path within, you can tap into your purposeful calling and keep the embers burning bright.


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