Reiki Healing Circle

Alternative holistic medicine to help heal others in a safe loving way

Recently, I was asked to join a healing circle at a local hospital.  The hospital offers this complimentary service to cancer patients from volunteers willing to devote from a few hours a weekend or a few evenings per week.

Volunteer to help patients feel stronger

Volunteering is an opportunity to give back for the experiences I have received.  My generosity for the gift of my time is appreciated by the patients and the gift I provide is the life energy my body produces for each individual.

I remember attending Reiki training where each student took turns on the table to be treated.  I was surrounded in our training session by five people (one near my head and neck, and one on each side, whether my arms or legs) and each person hovered their hands over areas of my body.  I could feel their warmth and strength.  You feel the vibrational strength and warmth of each person that provides healing.  Their hands vibrates over my fractured ankle as I lay on the table.  I could feel the heat in my foot.  It wasn’t a miraculous healing, it was a slow energy that sent strength to my ankle.  I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.  When it was my turn, and I was treating another student, I felt my hands tremble as I hovered over another’s woman’s elbow as she had a fracture that was healing.  My hands felt so warm and she felt my energy as well.

So when you have the healthy energy from several people who have a heart to provide healing to another, you can see how effective the power of the healing circle is.  There are many times, I’ve practiced my Reiki on my pet and regardless of whether it’s a dog or cat, both respond to these healing powers.

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