Have you been sleeping through your alarm clock lately?

You know what happens when the alarm goes off and you tap the snooze button, “just one more time,” you mutter.  If you’re sleep deprived, the addi

tional few minutes of sleep mean you’re just putting off the inevitable that you have to get ready to get out the door to work.   You

used to jump out of bed and were excited about your day.   But something has changed.  Maybe it’s you that’s changed.  Are you dissatisfied with where you are in your life?  Do you get distracted easily?  Or are you looking for something to distract you?

This is your wake up call, today.

When the alarm goes off do you think about what excites you about your day?  Are you recognized foryour contributions?  Or are the projects you’re working on no longer challenging?  Do you know the routine of your day and know the routine all too well?  Have you changed or are going through the motions until you find something that motivates you?

This is your time, to stop tapping the snooze button and wake up to what you really want to change in your life. In order for the alarm to stop buzzing, you have to take action.

Are you are dissatisfied with any of the following,

Your relationship

Your health

Your stress level

Your financial status

Your debt

Or your job?

Now is the time to face your dissatisfaction.  No, it isn’t by ignoring what’s bothering you.   You don’t need permission, you never did.  No one is stopping you.  It’s time to take action and you can take action NOW.

If you’ve been dissatisfied with your family and uncomfortable expressing your opinion outside your front door, go for it.  There’s a lot of sounding off on Facebook about topics that some people think matter, and in reality, it turns others off and they stop notifications because they don’t want to hear the negativity either.

If you’ve expressed your opinion at work and aren’t getting the response you want, speak louder and more often.  Expand your message to other action taking groups or join the new wave of action takers.  Now is the time to speak up. How can you contribute, by speaking up about what you see that doesn’t make sense or you don’t like, and offering solutions and with actions to implement your solution?

Will it be easy?  No.  Any change takes conscious effort and a little pain to experience trying something out of your normal routine.

If it were easy, you would have seen the change already. It takes bold action of saying how you can solve what you don’t like, and committing to the change you can make.  If everyone does one thing, we will see the ripple effect of the change.  More people will be motivated to continually step up rather than talk without taking any action.

Get out of your comfort zone today.

The time to see change and lots of it in your life is NOW.  If you feel you can’t make changes in your job, what areas of your life can you change?  Gallup Poll’s research identified that one-third of the workforce enjoys their job.  When studies were done on employee engagement, that number drops to 13% worldwide.  The correlation between the increase in number of hours worked decreases with your level of satisfaction.  Ultimately, we can’t say stop working long hours but I encourage you to pursue what makes you happy when you’re not at work.  The cascade of what you do in your personal time carries forward to your work time.   Yes, culture at work has a lot to do with your level of productivity but it also relates to the work and the level of autonomy to get the job done.

Look at the habits and behaviors that make you happy.  Did you have any hobbies as a child or teenager that your enjoyed and the time passed so quickly?  Engaging hobbies provide happiness and increase your personal productivity.  When was the last time you were able to pursue your hobby and totally love the hour or two you engaged in your hobby?

By re-engaging in a hobby you may have long forgotten, you will reclaim the discovery of what makes you happy.  You’ll feel good about yourself and enjoy reconnecting with the skills or hobbies you thought were long forgotten.  You can make changes in your life to recapture what makes your heart sing.

Commit to taking action to pursue your hobbies and enjoy yourself.  When your alarm goes off next week, you can jump out of bed and say I’m productive and happy with who I am because I’m focusing on doing what makes me happy.  Increasing your personal happiness level improves your health, your income and your relationships.

If you feel you want support in this journey, in overcoming your dissatisfaction in an area of your life because you’re working all the time and not having time for a personal life, contact Karen@kscopefocus.com to schedule a free belief breakthrough.  There’s a probability that you have a belief that’s been holding you back since you were younger.  It’s causing you to feel limited about making a change in your life.  You can change your circumstance today.  To review more of the services, Karen offers, her website is: www.kscopefocus.com

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