Karen Holt, Living Landscapes Designer

Join me in listening to my interview with Karen Holt, Living Landscapes Designer, who creates the landscapes of your dreams in the smallest of spaces as your patio or a countryside meadow.  She offers suggestions to designing your space or let her do the designing from your dreams.


First impressions count! It takes a few seconds to make a lasting impression.

Eugenia Battaglia shares her fashion tips to uplevel your look and dresses you with confidence. Whether you desire an uplevel for an interview, speaking engagement, date or special occasion. Look and feel confident when Eugenia highlights your best features.

Listen for Eugenia’s fashion secrets. She’s also offering a special discount for working with her to update your wardrobe. It’s not the wardrobe, it’s the way she accentuates your positives and levels your closet. Are you loving what you’re wearing or ready for Eugenia to take you shopping?

You will Love Love Love Eugenia’s treatment!

Connect with Eugenia at or go to her FB or Instagram page #engeniawardrobestylist


Sharon Liapis, Personal Chef started her business because friends loved when she entertained. They weren’t interested in her recipe, they asked if she would cook for them. Her love of entertaining and trying meals with Sharon was born. She attended the Salt Lake Culinary Center and now has a thriving business.

Sharon loves trying new recipes, has a few favorite ingredients and a secret spice. She’s currently making meals for a private parochial school and students are asking for seconds, which parents and faculty concluded Sharon is on to something delicious for discriminating palettes. She’s also making meals and deliver them locally.

Connect with Sharon at


For the last for 25+ years, Leta Greene has been an International Speaker and Trainer in the Beauty Industry and Author of 2 Best Sellers, shares how the beauty industry for women has affected personal self-esteem and self-confidence.

You are worthy, deserving of everything you desire, especially the most important relationships that matter to you.
Connect with Leta at


Join my Spotlight Interview this week with Marilyn Harper, spiritual coach since her calling in 1993. Marilyn shares her journey from serving as a deacon in a Christian church to an advertising salesperson for a country station and following the music dancing to a different tune that called her home.

Marilyn was called by 12 Masters of the Spiritual world as a channel that connects peace, love, and joy to raise the vibrational energy on the planet. She travels internationally to plant seeds of courage, connection and ignite the spirit within those that are called to Spirit.

Her Plerkshops are posted on her website or her live events at adirronda live events.

As Marilyn says, “Be ready to receive,” and “Honor yourself to be Happy.”

You will not want to miss the opportunity to connect with Marilyn as she’s traveling throughout the globe from now until October, where she’s connecting to source and light. Check out the calendar of events in a city near you.



Valentine’s Day is in a few days. How will you be celebrating, and with whom? Learn about the new relationship in your life. You know the one I’m talking about. Brenda Nahs, Women’s Personal Empowerment Coach, shares the secrets to your relationships and even secrets for online dating. She shares lessons learned in her relationships and the Dirty Little Secret that is so juicy. After listening to the Spotlight Interview, join Brenda’ Facebook group, your empowered life. For a conversation with Brenda, email her at



How many of your colleagues have been vulnerable and shared their frustrations and challenges in their career?  It depends on your friendship or if there’s a safe place to share.  Sally Helgesen, Women’s Leadership Expert, and Marshall Goldsmith, International Coach and #1 Leadership Thinker, share their findings of “How Women Rise.”

There are habits and behaviors that lead to success.  Also, there are habits that sabotage and hold you back from the promotion or the job you desire.  I’m guilty and saw my name attached to some on the list.  Make your own assessment of where you stand.  To break the habits that are holding you back, starts with awareness and deciding are you willing to stay where you are or change?


When was the last time you told yourself, “I’m awesome?”  That’s right and I’m sure you’re not doing this often enough.  I’ve talked to many women that downplay their achievements and feel they don’t want to boast.  But why NOT, just state the facts!  You have achieved at a level to be proud and don’t downplay your performance even when you aren’t feeling awesome.
When you feel dissatisfied with your career, create a list of your accomplishments in each role, for each decade of your life if you’re struggling with what have I done.  Then take a step back and recognize, “YOU ARE AWESOME.”
When you decide you want a new role or a challenge where you contribute to the level you desire, updating your resume to present yourself should be easy.  Sometimes you aren’t feeling you enjoyed the role so the results as feeling less than.  This week’s Spotlight Interview is with Amy Adler, MBA, Certified Master Resume Writer and she has seen it all.  She writes resumes that help you identify what you want in your next role and she presents your credentials in the format to get hired for the role you desire.  Even when you aren’t sure what the next role is, Amy translates your story into language that hiring teams and boards understand and appreciate your credentials.
Amy website is  Listen to Amy’s podcast, The Job Search Podcast if you’d like more direction.



Anne’s goals surpass most as her 2019 goal is to break World Records.

In our interview, Anne shares her lifelong love of hiking across Pike’s Peak in Colorado, and her daily climb of Mummy Mountain in Arizona in preparation for her second climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Not only has she climbed Kilimanjaro in 2015 to hold a World Record Holder but will go again in July of 2019, to hold the World Record Holder for the oldest climber. This woman does not sit still.

Anne’s climb is to benefit children and youth through her Challenge Youth Fund of Arizona Community Foundation. Throughout her life, Anne strives to give back to underserved children and youth.

Her career as an R.N., University Professor, and credentials of holding 2 B.A. degrees, 2 M.A. degrees, and a Ph.D. show this woman is motivated, determined and focused. Her travel itinerary includes over 100 countries as well as having lived abroad in Egypt and Nigeria in her younger days, where she inspires others to live life to the fullest.

Listen to my interview and watch for the twinkle in her eye with excitement about this endeavor. Anne’s mantra “A Hand Up, Not a Hand-Out,” inspires the beneficiaries of her Foundation to achieve more in their lives too. We’ve attached the link to contribute to her climb to benefit children at

Join in supporting Anne in 2019 in her worthwhile cause to support children while supporting her to achieve and celebrate this World Record.


Calvin’s book, Fish Out of Water, documents his journey from humble beginnings to $53,000 indebtedness and his trajectory on the millionaire trek.

Calvin was homeschooled on a small farm in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his family of one dad and four moms, and 44 brothers and sisters.  That’s right, an unconventional background for a young man with roots in a polygamous family.  Graduating high school at 16 gave him reason to dig deep within to discover the world he wanted to be a part of was much bigger than he realized from the protected bubble of his childhood.  Calvin had to find his soul purpose which is a common theme to many corporate professionals who lose their identity in their jobs.

Calvin’s accomplishments include keynote speaking on stage with Brendon Burchard, Mel Robbins, Lewis Howes, and Jay Shetty.  He’s taken advice from Oprah and been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Huffington Post.

Listen to Calvin’s Quarterly Practice and his 3 Tips of Review, Rehearse and Journaling that provides clarity to Declaring his Vision.

Listen to his podcast “Curious with Calvin Waymen.”  Calvin can be reached at or on social media FB, Instagram, and YouTube.


Donna’s journey from being a working woman in New York City, to enjoying a new life and starting over in Arizona. She shares her journey, Dating It’s Not Personal, in her book about business and finding new love. Donna has transformed her life. She tells about dating in her 40’s after divorce, finding new love, and sharing her tender love story.

Donna’s daily message is living each day to set your dial to joy. She speaks to dating advice, love and managing new relationships and to be in love with who you are at all times.

Follow Donna on
Facebook:   Daily Dose A Donna


This week’s message is to focus on feeling the calm within.  While you may have a lot of your plate during the week, having calm over the weekend can be with meditation, relaxing, yoga or spending quiet time outdoors.

Here are the links to:

Jennifer Anderson’s Forest Therapy Guide spotlight:

Evelyn Steeb’s Yoga Nidra Meditation

Visualization to Practice (is a visualization practice to calm your mind).

Focus on feeling your own quiet within to alleviate stress so you can address the next few holiday weeks with peace and love within.


Kristina inspires you to be compassionate about who you are and find your purpose. The mid-life journey is the most freeing and awesome. Kristina shares her books to empower you to be your Own Best Friend and Be Awesome!

Kristina has studied and coached women coming from corporate careers and found after serving others, you lose your own identity. Reclaim who you are. Our spotlight interview highlights her journey and how to support you on your journey.

Connect with Kristina at or go to the website


Lori mentors women to assess where you are in your career and how to become profitable in your business by focusing on the numbers.  She loves a business spreadsheet because “the numbers tell a story.

Are you considering what’s next in your career?  Taking the next step can feel like a leap to make a change in your career.  By asking do I have the finances to support my next life that supports my goals is Lori’s expertise.   Lori left her financial services career after ten years to have a better balance in her life and spend time with her family.  She coaches women to have businesses that thrive.

She’s living the Break Free and Thrive life.  You can do this.  Connect with Lori by sending her an email  She has a special offer for you or if you’d like to have a conversation with her about breaking free to see how you can be successful, go to and fill out an application.


She will walk you through what it takes to become a #1 Bestselling Author.  It’s all about telling your story!

Jenn is an 11-time bestselling author.  She’s had a web development business, been an online marketer, and comes from an entrepreneurial family so her story is inspirational.    She started Elite Online Publishing with her partner, Melanie Johnson, where they brainstormed at a marketing conference and created the website, logo, Facebook, Twitter page and video trailer during the breaks.  Three months later, they had their first successful book writing retreat and every attendee became a #1 bestselling author.  She now hosts training retreats, workshops, masterclasses, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

Her website:
Hot Chicks Podcast: Hot Chicks Write Hot Books:
Podcast Season 1: Elite Expert Insider:
Podcast Season 2: Elite Expert Insider:

Book Writing Fast Pass:
Zero to Hero:
Free Course:5 Secrets To Marketing Your Book:

Connect with Jenn by texting 832-572-5285 your name and email.  She will provide a free book, How to Write Your Story of Accomplishment and Success.



Evelyn’s been a yogi for 30 years.  Her practice to quiet the mind, and listen to intuition and wisdom shows in the modalities she practices.  She deepened her practice by becoming certified in yoga training in 2012.  She became the  Director of Yoga Education at Southwest Institute and assisted in the yoga teacher training in 2013.

She completed her 500-hour certification at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, in 2015, and her certification of Advanced Yoga Nidra at the Armit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida under the instruction of Kamini Desai Ph.D. and Gurudev Shri Amritjii. She also received her certification in Master

Reiki and Hatha Gong. In February 2016, she opened her dream of having her own yoga studio, Body In Balance Yoga in Chandler, Arizona.  She currently teaches in Arizona and San Diego, CA.

I’ve attended yoga sessions with Evelyn and she is both masterful and soothing for introducing yoga for balance, patience and inner wisdom when coming out of sessions with her.

To connect with Evelyn, go to Body in Balance Yoga

Evelyn teaches Yoga Nidra online, or live.



Kelly Fisher has been teaching meditation for the past 22 years.  He has developed programs that combine metaphysics, quantum physics and the science of how the brain and mind work.  He teaches to achieve calm in your life.  He has developed programs for Los Angeles and Las Vegas gyms. Even speaking from the stage to teach hypnotherapy.

Kelly’s latest program is healing from infidelity.  He’s treated women who have experienced infidelity and guides them through his unique program.  H.A.R.R.P. to heal their hurt and recover from the relationship (to either continue with their partner or move forward in a new relationship).  Join me for this process and learn how the healing process affects all relationships including the one you have with yourself.

Kelly is the resident Life Coach at the Silver State Pain Management Clinic in Las Vegas.

He’s helped Vietnam Veterans suffering from P.T.S.D. sleep through the night with his visualization programs.  He’s designed and recorded “Anxiety Solution: and “Fall Asleep Instantly” online teaching programs to treat people who can’t sleep and stop down your mind to feel calm.

Kelly can be reached at or calling 702-978-9984.

His websites are:   and

His YouTube channel is Global Stretch.



My Special Guest this week is Jennifer Anderson, a Certified Nature, and Forest Therapy Guide.  Jennifer is devoted to helping you heal by joining her on an outdoor adventure either virtual or to the forest.  Jennifer had a career as an RN working in ICU and Emergency Medicine.  She also became a Podiatry Nurse Practitioner.

Jennifer’s life was turned upside down in September 2012, when she was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer.  She has undergone major surgery, chemotherapy, time connecting in nature to heal, and is now cancer free.  Her story is life changing and is why I started my interviews with Jennifer.

She offers an instruction guide which is available at her website where you can also sign up for her newsletter.