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Are you showing your colors today? It’s Flag Day! Three Tips To Living A Blue Life.

Three Tips to Live a Blue Life

No one wants to be in the red, and wouldn’t you rather be in the blue, yes a blue life!  There are two things that contribute to your success. Being in the right place at the right time and having the confidence to handle whatever comes your way is definitely being in the blue!  Yet, contrary to your success, there are a few factors to master, so you can always be in the Blue.

Yes, I’m talking about blue elixirs.  How much do they cost? Hopefully, when they taste good you’ll consume and if they don’t, you’ll take it anyway.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the places around the globe where both men and women live to be centenarians, not just aging seniors but vibrant active centenarians.  They live in international communities where the local services provided are all you need to live a rich blue life. These are Blue Zones, which author and researcher, Dan Buettner looked for the common lifestyle links around the globe and identified locations described as longevity hotspots.  They are in Okinawa, Japan; Icaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; and Nicoya, Costa Rica.   Are you noticing a pattern here?

Are You One of the 40 Million?

How are you strategizing the next few weeks of more work than time?  Do the daily meetings interfere with achieving your goals and confining you?  Is there an active daydream to escape with a hike in the mountains or walk on the beach calling you?

Are you procrastinating planning this year’s vacation because of a workflow announcement or early retirement may be around the corner? Yet, it feels like the last vacation was a long time ago. 

This is Change Calling

Achieve the goal THIS quarter, because overtime is rarely an option.

Would you rather reset your goal this quarter or go down to the wire at year end?  Rarely, do you have the overtime option.  While it’s exciting to go into overtime in a basketball game, it doesn’t always hold true you’ll win and achieve your goal.

Right now you’re two quarters into the year and can finish the year with a win.  When you’re in control of your actions, you’re certain to win by the end of the year. This year is the year for outstanding finishes and don’t you deserve to make 2018 your awesome year?

Every CEO Knows this Executive Tip

Transitions, we all have them.

Transformation, we all want them, one at one time or multiple times in areas of our life.

Remember the excitement

Remember the excitement of bringing home a new puppy or kitten.  All the wonder of learning about this new little pet in your life and how much you changed as a result of taking care of your new family member.  You probably even changed your daily routine as a result of the new pet.  Remember how much you learned about being a pet owner.   And what did your new puppy or kitten give you in return, once in a while a little mess on the floor but more importantly their unconditional love.

You have the opportunity to embrace a new opportunity or aspect of your life the same way.  It can alter the routine and habits you currently have, but the rewards will be unconditional and you’ll even find you feel better about yourself in ways you didn’t know.  We are at the phase of life when we feel good about what we do for ourselves and others.  It has a longer lasting effect now.

You can decide about a new pet, or a new opportunity in your life the same way you view a personal transformation.  It’s about taking the step forward to identify how you feel squeezed and what isn’t working and how to move toward letting go of your own dissatisfaction and frustration. As much as you want a life changing transformation, there’s the painful part after you’ve made the decision where you have to do the work to have a transformation.  And that doesn’t even guarantee, it’s a successful transformation.  Transformation is about success and we do not move backward.  It is about the experience and learning to move forward.

The Question

The question that causes people the most challenge is: How long will this stage in the middle take?  Isn’t it ironic how we can put up with a part of our life where we are unhappy and then we wake up and make the decision (because we won’t tolerate it anymore), we want instant results.  I get it, I’ve been there too.

I’ve had many transitions in my life.  At one time, I was known as the “transition lady.” My job was to help others going through job change and moving.   I helped people in their “upheaval” as others called it until they transformed to their next role.  I’ve done it myself.  It does feel at times like everything is thrown up in the air and who knows how it will land when it comes back.  I’ve learned it’s all good.  There was more positive that resulted in all my transitions.

CEO’s have shared with me that transformation are always a matter of choice.  You see the target that keeps moving in front of you.  It was at a distance so it was easy to watch it until it became very close to you and then, you crossed the threshold.  Now you have two choices, step aside or move and understand the accelerator may go fast or slow with the change.  Accept where you are and start the change process.

My life is in continual change.  I made that decision and accept all the excitement it brings.  It’s a point many CEO’s have shared with me.  You accept the fast accelerator of change and your awesome life follows.  Don’t you want that for yourself?

Decision to Transform

I guarantee your moving forward will be exciting and rewarding.  The decision to transform may be the most difficult one for you.  The period of change can be unforgiving, since we don’t know how long it will last but you do have control over how slow or fast you want to go.  CEO’s admit going slow is painful, just like slowly tearing a band aid off a wound.  It is the space of leaving the old and entering the new threshold that is uncomfortable.  In the end, the new place of transformation shows up and when you can see what is available, you embrace it. 2017 has a lot of change in store for us, why not decide what you’d like to change and have an exciting year as well.  You will be glad you did.  Regardless of your job status, marital status, or monetary status, a bigger life is waiting for you.  It is the change you’ve been talking about and weren’t sure you were ready for.  Now, it is up to you to take the first step.  You can discover more about yourself and what makes you happy because letting go of where you are and the lack of what you have is not what you want to continue to experience.