This is Change Calling

Achieve the goal THIS quarter, because overtime is rarely an option.

Would you rather reset your goal this quarter or go down to the wire at year end?  Rarely, do you have the overtime option.  While it’s exciting to go into overtime in a basketball game, it doesn’t always hold true you’ll win and achieve your goal.

Right now you’re two quarters into the year and can finish the year with a win.  When you’re in control of your actions, you’re certain to win by the end of the year. This year is the year for outstanding finishes and don’t you deserve to make 2018 your awesome year?

There’s still time to re-sync your goals.  While it would be outrageous to work the “Four Hour Workweek” as Tim Ferris states to restructure your actions to achieve more in less time each week.  You may not be holding the option to change your goals when they roll up with others.

The 4 steps to achieving the goal and avoiding overtime are:

  • Vision: It’s all about creating the vision of what you want to achieve.  Even when you create the vision and haven’t followed through with the action to achieve the vision, create the new vision.  Is it a bit smaller than the initial vision, the picture of where you’re going is key to accomplishing the goal.  It helps if you see how changing your habits can achieve your goal by the end of the third quarter.
  • Plan: The plan supports the vision.  You can alter the plan every quarter to focus on what must get done.  Using Brian Moran’s “12 Week Year,” you can break down your monthly plan to achieve exactly what’s required.  You can achieve ahead of schedule when you layout the plan that supports your vision.
  • Share it: Accountability keeps you focused. Announce what you want to accomplish and follow the plan.  You’ll see the results fall in place when your focus on what you want to accomplish not how it will get done.  Actions follow sharing the plan.  You will see the clarity you have when you announce it, can see it and follow through.
  • Enjoy it: What matters most when you‘re surrounded by solicitations and drama. Yes, celebrate what matters and have fun while you’re out doing what you love.  If it isn’t something you enjoy, figure out how to have fun.  Celebrate who you are and have fun on the journey.  You’ll look back on this one, and laugh at what was accomplished if you didn’t celebrate it.  Why should you be frustrated that you didn’t receive any acknowledgment for the work?  So celebrate you and enjoy yourself.

You have a lot going into the third quarter, there’s no guarantees to say what will or will not be achieved.  Yes, we know SMART goals get the job done.  Do you have your vision to make this an awesome year to achieve what you desire.  It’s third quarter, finish strong and alter your vision now.  If you were busy or distracted earlier this year, see the vision so it clear and not a blur.  Here’s your opportunity to create the four steps to achieve your best 2018 with vision, plan it, be accountable and celebrate your achievements.  Who knows what the end of the year will bring, but taking the step now will ensure you’ll finish strong to celebrate without wishing for overtime.

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