Three Steps Propel You to Tomorrow

Are you asking “When will things get back to normal?”  Are you restless and want to know how to propel forward?   What’s  frustrating about where you are that you can’t resume your life as it was?   Do you notice anything different?   Friends not calling to get together and this isn’t healthy.   What are you doing in this newfound downtime?   Spending evenings on Netflix after dinner?  Skipping the exercise routine since the gym isn’t available?

I admit, I’m not a Netflix subscriber and haven’t discovered a spot on the couch that fits.  That decision came without a second thought.

Have you used the pause time to connect with friends or family that are you haven’t seen recently?  For many people, the separation is unbearable.  I took the action for weekly calls made a huge difference.

The three steps that propel you when you pivot:

Use this new-found time to propel your brain to growth paths:

  • read the book(s) that are on your list
  • the new skill or software you’ve been wanting to learn
  • listen or learn to play the music your soul is longing to hear,
  • write poetry, the story or book you’ve wanted to write on your bucket list and needed the motivation to get started (now you can play the music while you write)
  • discover the hobby you didn’t have, you know the one as a child that you spent time with a grandparent or relative that taught you something you were fascinated with (stamp collecting, playing cards or dominoes, woodworking, painting, gardening, family favorite recipes, the list is endless, you probably still have the box of hobby items in your basement).


“Focus on what you have control over, rather than things you do not.”

  • What do Mahatma Gandhi, Byron Katie, Steve Maraboli, Tony Robbins, and a few athletes all have in common?  They used this quote to propel people into action. I remember a conversation with a few co-workers in the middle of change initiatives.  While they were frustrated with the lack of definitive actions to take, I asked them what actions they could focus on rather than what they didn’t.  Their response to take action was focused, creative, and productive.  The lack of focus leads to anxiety, heartbreak, and depression that takes you down a dark path.
  • By lifting yourself out of the shades of darkness, focus on what you can control. What information are you certain that will help you make decisions, take actions, and move forward.  When you feel stuck in those grey areas, staying at indecision isn’t healthy.
  • Being nimble focus works especially when it feels like others are wearing heavy boots.


Raise your energy level rather than letting darkness in.

  • Raising your energy sounds like a hocus pocus solution.  Every body is predominantly water and we are energetic beings.   Your perspective changes with your energy level.  Your vibrational energy level is exceptionally high when you’re happy, in love, and joy. When you pivot and focus on the happier lighter energies, you’ll continue to vibrate at that higher frequency.
  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed and negative, your energetic vibration is lower because the energy of anxiety, anger, hatred, or depression is very low. Which would you rather be?  Who you surround yourself with, you attract and continue to vibrate at that level.  The energy in your body is similar to electricity.  You know when you meet someone if there’s synchronicity or not.   Likewise, when you’re energetically happy and someone else is angry or overwhelmed, you want to get away from them because their negativity can lower your energy.  They feel uncomfortable around you because you’re happy energy is too much for them.
  • When your energy is affected by the current state of pause or because you’re not back to your normal routine, you continue to feel disconnected.  Can you propel yourself and raise your energy Can you inspire yourself and encourage others by doing things that make you happy?


These three steps help you propel forward.  When you fall back on yesterday’s comfort level, look at what lifts you forward.  If there’s another pause, you’ll have the energy to push through it and avoid the grey or lower vibrating energies.

By the way, No, I didn’t subscribe to Netflix but I was watching a Prime Video movie and the main character was stuck.  His father asked him, “Will you fight for your past or for your future?”  It was an “aha” moment because it’s easier to stay safe and comfortable in the past.  While there’s more growth and being less in control in the unknown of tomorrow, it clearly is where growth and opportunities happen.  Let go of having control so you can experience the journey of being propelled to something new.  You’ll be propelled forward to tomorrow.

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