Were you a late bloomer or a genius in waiting?

discover-your-geniusToday companies hire based on your demonstrated skills to be a high performer rather than a late bloomer or genius in waiting opportunity to show how you can excel. As a late bloomer or genius in waiting, you never know when you will be given the chance to take the leap and step up.  When the conversation focuses on what you can deliver, it’s a conversation a late bloomer may never be given a chance.

You know the conversations back as an adolescent that you’ll catch up to others.  Little did they understand then, how that earlier conversation stayed with you about being a late bloomer?  Even though it may have been a topic of conversation as an adolescent, adults are still facing some of the same challenges.  Being a late bloomer is no laughing matter.  As an adolescent, either you wanted to be one of the cool kids or be a leader and trendsetter.  As the teenage years passed, you let go of late bloomer status and decided where to go to college and your major.  You decided where you would excel so blooming status didn’t matter.

Today, in your career, have you achieved the recognition you wanted?  If you weren’t looking for recognition, are you where you want to be?  Are you still trying to figure it out and the elusive label is surfacing again?

Recently, after talking to several employees who are preparing to leave their jobs, the topic turned to what’s next.  Some of them are retiring.  While others have jobs that are being eliminated and are preparing to take a package when it’s offered.  They are hoping to figure it out once they have the letter in their hand.  In some respects, they too are late bloomers.  They are waiting to identify new capabilities for the next position because their current skill set is no longer needed.  It’s a difficult position to face, are you ready for early retirement, or how can you transition to the next chapter when faced with this decision.

Here are three advantages to being a late bloomer:

  • You can learn from the experiences of others and see what works and see if that is an option for you.
  • You can also process the path others have taken and come up with your own “I have a better choice.”
  • You breathe if you don’t know your next step, then acknowledge you have to give yourself time (if you have it) until you have clarity and decide your next action.

Being a late bloomer is recognizing your talents or capabilities that may not be visible and using them when they show up. This happens throughout life not just for adolescents.  At times you have time to stretch yourself until you step forward and are ready to step into your next role.

Have you noticed some people make decisions and take actions faster than others?  They are driven and know where they’re going.  They aren’t waiting for anyone else.  They can make mistakes too when they jump too quickly to take action and all the steps aren’t falling in the right order in place.


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