Where’s Your Virtual Drive-In to Dream Among the Stars?


How’s your dream chapter going?  Have you visualized your life in vivid color?   It’s just like going to a virtual drive-in movie.  I hear many people tell me they don’t dream, not at night and I know they day dream when they’re bored at work.  When you day dream, isn’t it in vivid color? Are you day dreaming or have you given up on that too because things aren’t going the way you’d like?  Or have you given up on the dreaming idea because you think it’s child’s play. Have a conversation with a child and ask about their dreams, and they will set the spark inside you to pay attention to their imagination.  It’s alive, joyful, vivid and intoxicating to remember those days so long ago. 

What’s the secret?  Ask any child and they’ll tell you it just happens!  Why, because they use their imagination on a regular basis.  You can too. Tell yourself “I’m open to dreaming”. Tell yourself “I  have a desire I want to materialize”.  When you focus on your life in vivid color, you’re opening your mind to the emotions of colors in your dreams. As much as you think this isn’t going to work, try it.  What have you got to lose?

When you practice dreaming, you can start from remembering snippets in black and white to dreams in vivid color.  Isn’t that inviting to close your eyes now and go to your favorite place to create what you desire? 

Are You Reading at Bedtime? Then Prepare for Dreaming in Color…

Do you have unscheduled time in your day to use your imagination?  When you’re intentionally planning unstructured time to daydream, that’s when the magic starts.  I understand, your life is structured and you think having unscheduled time to daydream is wasting your time.  Where do you think executives dream their next strategic plan, results and all? It isn’t happening when they’re over-scheduled, going from meeting to meeting.  They block out and schedule free time, the same as you or I would plan reading time of 15-20 minutes before going to sleep, to use their imagination to solve a problem, get a vision for new results and it doesn’t happen unless the time is unstructured with the freedom to allow this to happen.  That reading time for you or me allows your brain to engage in the imagination of what your reading, whether it’s an epic adventure, a new healthy energetic body, or how to fix a current work problem. I’m sure you’re not really thinking about the current work problem. 

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and remembered your dream?  Or was it a brain fog saying I had a dream but I can’t remember it. Do you know you dreamt but can’t remember or say, I haven’t dreamt in years because I don’t remember any of them.  The truth is, you dream every night. It’s a matter of making an effort to remember the dream in the morning or letting it go to say it wasn’t really that important or didn’t mean anything so it wasn’t worth keeping track of.

Your imagination goes into active mode while you’re sleeping and that’s when you wake up with a new idea, actually your brain had gone through the scenarios and leaves you with a snippet in the morning until you consciously decide to write it down from what you remember. 

Dreams of Cross Country Travel became Dreams to New Destinations

I’ve had a few dreams over the past few years where I was driving cross country and thought, I’m never going to be driving across the country.  It’s too far, I don’t have the time and who knows why I dreamt that? Actually the reality is it’s happened a few times. I’m in the process of planning my next trip.  How does it happen? My brain is active in the dreaming department and it’s like a wide screen motion picture that I see the messages on humongous screens and know I’ll be living it in the next 3-12 months unless I ignore it.  Am I projecting my future? No, I’m listening to the messages my brain is sending and I’m paying attention to my own answers within.

That brings me to asking have you had a dream and you thought it was so outrageous you had to ignore it. Those are the dreams that grab your attention and you decide to put them in your dream library for another day.

It’s the beginning of the summer and vacation season.  I know many of you will be taking July 4th holidays.  This is the time to pay attention to tapping into your vacation time to plan unscheduled time to dream.  You can take the virtual drive-in variety or daydream when the time is right and you have nowhere to go. My message is: take this time to dream what you desire in your life.  

As Sam Horn shared in her book, Someday is not a Day in the Week, until you commit to vivid in color dreams, day dreams are the best time to plan your Today’s.  Today is when you start living your dream.  Forget the struggle with black and white snippets and focus on when you’re bigger dream is happening.  Summer is a perfect time to take a nap during a holiday and ask yourself, what’s my dream? You can start activating your imagination when you schedule daydreaming time.  Who knows, you may create the life of your dreams in the process, isn’t that what you want anyway?  


 For those later in life transitions when you’re questioning what’s my purpose and what am I passionate about, start with using more of your imagination.  Tapping into color rather than black and white snippets. To schedule a time to start your dreaming process, message Karen@kscopefocus.com. Karen helps women facing the challenges of career reinvention, early retirement or what happens next in life when you don’t have a purpose.

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