Would you rather take a chance and wing it or have next chapter clarity?

Would you rather take a chance and wing it or have next chapter clarity? Are you prepared to start your next chapter?  Whether it’s retirement or a less stressful position, prepare your next chapter plan to execute unless something unexpected comes up.

Today there are over 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day.  Some are gladly facing retirement while others have personal circumstances that require them to continue working, to take care of others, have insurance needs, or they’re not ready to stop working.

Twenty years ago, people retired and looked forward to collecting their pension and moving to a sunbelt location to live on the golf course, and take it easy.  Today according to the National Institute of Aging, Baby Boomers at age 65+ are healthier, living longer and want more out of life than their predecessors.   Their numbers will double from 420 Million to 974 Million by 2030.  What’s on your list for retirement?  Travel isn’t for everyone. Maybe it’s the hobby you haven’t had time for while you were working.  Now it’s time to spend more time entertaining, gourmet cooking, woodworking, painting or even starting a business on a craft you’ve mastered over the past twenty years.   The hobby will keep you active, although some want meaningful work to continue as long as possible even for the social aspect.

It’s difficult to imagine that you can end your career and in the later years, not be prepared for what’s next.  Yet, it happens all the time.  Baby boomers have opportunities to try a wider variety of things while they’re working while other procrastinate until their retirement date arrives.  Saying you’ve exhausted options or don’t have the energy is said by a minority of the retiring group.  Many have newfound energy when retirement arrives.  Many are checking off the days on their calendar to start their second career chapter.  While it was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that workers will have seven careers in their lifetime, and that doesn’t refer to the number of jobs they will hold.  When workers are focusing on the opportunity after age 65, there is a higher incidence for people that seek a dream job when they’ve veered off their career path.  This is the opportunity to enjoy a career with the impact of everything they desire to complete their work career.  It’s the career icing!

The joy in the next chapter is the passion and purpose that overflows in a new impactful opportunity.  The vision of what’s next is your dream of what’s possible.  Passion and purpose come in vivid colors that are experienced when you get excited about what’s next.  Yes, there can be overwhelming and anxiety but it comes with trying any new project. When you feel there’s a conclusion that now is not the time for you, think again, what would you rather do to have the impact and change the lives of others by living your dream.

Research done by The Muse has identified the top careers that 60-year old Baby Boomers get excited about:  Consulting, Tutors, Tax Preparers, Bookkeeper, Medical Biller/Coder, Virtual Assistant, Dog Sitter, and Blogger.  Are they the ones you would get excited about?  With a flexible schedule and skills that you can hone to make the impact you desire.  These are opportunities that are enticing to some.

Some of the other career options are data scientist, fundraiser, software engineer, market research analyst, financial planner, social media specialist and positions in the technology industry.  Another area is in the medical field as Baby Boomers are aging, there’s a need for more medical specialists. Many of these positions require upgrading skills and training certifications.

Is the next chapter comparable to preparing for your first career?  Probably not, because you may have had exposure to some of the skills needed in these fields through civic or volunteering experiences.

The disadvantage of not being prepared is it takes time to discover what’s next.  If you want to retire and take 90 days off to relax and adjust, you’ll find it’s like going on a vacation without any preparation and you’ll miss out on vacation experiences due to your lack of planning.  The next chapter isn’t a wait until you retire because it’s a time you’ll want to take advantage of as much as possible.  In retirement, you now have the time to choose what’s important and you won’t want to miss a thing.

What’s the best way to take advantage of this new next chapter, Plan It!  To see the most, you have to plan it.  To say you have tomorrow, in this chapter, you don’t know how many tomorrows you have.  Plan to live what you haven’t had to enjoy yet and do it with the passion only you can call your own.

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