Your Story

Are you listening to your story?

Have you attended a party and someone has returned from an exotic vacation?  You listen to the adventures and daydream a little about their trip.  You are in wonder and awe.  You say to yourself that sounds wonderful for them but I don’t think I could do that…  I don’t even know where to begin.  So you take your adventures close to home.

I know I’ve listened to friends reminisce about studying abroad in college.  The idea didn’t even enter my radar.  It wasn’t an option for me.  I’m a little envious.  It isn’t something I would have considered or thought to do when I was in college.  In contrast, today there are a lot of options available to college students, options to travel or study or go just about any where.

What do you think about when you are listening to your friend tell the story about their exciting trip?  Do you imagine yourself in their adventure?  Do you imagine yourself on a South Pacific island or in a rain forest adventure?

It wasn’t that long ago, when I wasn’t interested in travelling outside the United States.  I felt there were so many places I wanted to explore here before going outside the U.S. borders.  Yes, you can still go to Canada and Mexico without the same challenges as going to Europe or Asia.  When you think of exotic, do you think about an island or somewhere else?  Culture change, climate change, some where totally different from where you live.

When I realized there are so many vacations you can go on, I honed in on where I really wanted to explore.  There are more places to visit than there are trips I could possibly take.  How can I maximize my travel to experience the locations I’d like to visit and the cultures I’d like to experience.  Then it’s a matter of if you are planning these adventures, is your partner joining you and do they have the same dreams.  If your single, you can ask friends to join you or you can go on a solo adventure.

So many possibilities… let’s go back to the stories.

  • What are the stories you’d like to pursue?
  • What are the locations and cultures that you’d like to learn more about?
  • Are you wanting to do it yourself or are you looking for a guide?

Inner Circle Travel

I’ve been part of an Inner Circle group that travels twice a year to a “desirable destination”. The first trip I joined them on, they traveled to Bali.  I had heard so much about Bali.  It’s on the other side of the globe so travelling there was just as much an adventure as the destination.  The plan for the group was to meet in Bali on a particular day, so if you wanted to go in advance and go exploring, or somewhere else on your way to Bali, you could plan accordingly.

There were excursions planned in Bali that were cultural and guides were provided.  You also could plan additional excursions in your personal time.  So many options available and knowing how far away Bali is from the United States, I wanted to make sure I took advantage of local events.

First Excursion to New Beginnings

Our first excursion set the tone for the rest of the trip.  The first evening was a burial ceremony on the beach.  It was a process to let go of the beliefs you had so you could release the past and feel free to engage in the new experiences you would have in Bali and later when you returned home.

Each of us in the group picked a partner unless you were there with your partner.  Can you imagine digging a hole in the sand six feet by three feet and two feet deep, so your head could stick out?  As the sun was setting, you would climb in the hole and let the Universe, the sun and the moon, know the beliefs that weren’t working any longer, so you could release them.

The next step is to state the new affirmations.  For example:

I am open to new experiences.  I welcome open and loving people into my life.

After you reflect in your place on the beach, you are then able to bust through the sand that covered your body.  It’s a process that allows you to experience the past that isn’t serving you and to enter a renewal celebration.

Everyone in the group felt energized and renewed as a result.  Yes, there were even a few men in the group that emerged as Samurais in the celebration process.  You have no idea what your response will be because you have no expectation of what will happen until you go through this process.

Remember your Story

Everyone had a story they were letting go of on this trip.  It allowed us to enjoy the experiences that were planned with more compassion and love the process.

Remembering this story reminded me of when I hear others go on solitary trips, I am reminded of their courage.  I am also reminded of my own courage.  This trip opened my mind to exploring more and being courageous.

Be Courageous

Every day you have the opportunity to be courageous.  It doesn’t have to be going around the world for exotic vacations.  It can be courageous things you are engaged in closer to home.

The lesson learned is about the renewal and celebration process we enter in our own lives.

What are the stories you are telling yourself about being courageous?  About what you don’t have time for?  We all have the same amount of time, it’s what you choose to do in the time you have.

Want to learn more about your story and how it can serve you to dream the life you desire?

In order to be renewed, you have to release the past.  This is one of the things I included in my book, Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun.  Everyone wants to have fun in their lives.  Personally I think many times we work many hours forgetting to appreciate and allot the time for fun.  Fun comes at the expense of our relationships, communication, health and our jobs.

Join me for my Celebrating Life 5 Day Series where I’ll share a chapter about the book and you can go through you own renewal and celebration process. My book is being release on September 19 and is being offered at an amazing price on the Launch day only!

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